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When it's time to arrange opportunities to fly, beside the safety factor, what our clients indicate they really want is luxury and comfort. This is precisely what our affiliates deliver on their private charter flights. We work alongside a vast network of jet charter service providers whose solitary interest is in serving the needs of their customers. They not only provide a sleek and sophisticated fleet of aircraft but additionally make certain their flight crew is up to the task. Their pilots are thoroughly vetted for certification and employment history and the crew is trained in all the elements that serve to make a client’s comfort key.

Beyond this is the peace of mind one experiences when they are surrounded by individuals whose utmost concern is in the safe arrival of their clients to and away from their desired destinations. Regardless of the reason you are motivated to reserve a private charter flight, our affiliates strive to make the flight experience an exercise in perfection. From the aircraft with its sleek appearance on the tarmac, to the luxury of the interior, which includes comfortable seating, plenty of legroom, and onboard amenities that serve to satisfy the needs of even the most discerning passengers, the experience in its entirety will be one to remember.

Private Charter Flights: Cost Effecient and Luxurious

Flex Air Aviation Business Jet Charters

Business Jets

In the corporate sector time is of the essence! No matter the motivation to reserve a air charter flights: business meeting or to accommodate a last minute change in plan, we can make arrangements to get you in the air and on your way without delay.

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Empty Leg Flights with Flex Air Aviation

Empty Legs

The luxury of a jet charter services are now available to anyone and everyone! Businesses who enroll for empty leg flights are eligible for discounts. Enjoy as much as 75% off on one way flights all across the globe!

View Empty Leg Flights
Private Jet Charters

Private Jets

Sophistication, luxury and convenience are the building blocks of private charter flights. Air charter flights will take you anywhere you want to go in style!

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Turboprop Air Taxis

Turboprop Air Taxis

Some of the best places in the world are out of reach for most modern aircraft. But with our turboprop air taxis, receiving a private charter flight to any global destination places these locales at your disposal!

View Turbprop Air Taxis

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Group Charters: Fast Travel for Any Sized Group

Emergency Response Air Charters

Emergency Response

Emergent situations require rapid response. Local affiliate’s air charter flights can be made available in no time. You simply need to call Flex Air Aviation to get the process started!

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Personnel Logistics Air Charters

Personnel Logistics

The equivalent to the military’s ‘boots on the ground’ in executive speak is ‘Ferragamos on the foyer’ or so we’ve been told. In other words, to avoid negotiation landmines, you may need to fly under critical time constraints! We can help!

View Personnel Logistics
Sport Team Air Charters

Sports Team Charters

There is no better way to inspire camaraderie than by arranging for teams to travel together. We can arrange luxury private charter flights for sports teams so they can rest and bond in comfort and style!

View Sports Team Charters
Tours and Roadshows Air Charters

Tours and Roadshows

Led Zeppelin leased a Boeing 720 affectionately called The Starship for tours. If you are interested in turning up like rock stars, get in on the private charter flight action! We can arrange transport for touring, roadshows and trunk shows that let's you live the dream!

View Tour Charters

Private Charter Flights: Delivering Your Cargo Safely & On Time

Hazardous Air Cargo Charters


Dangerous materials require attentive and professional care. Putting safety above all is the cornerstone of our affiliate’s dangerous materials jet charter services!

View Hazardous Cargo
Heavy and Oversized Cargo Air Charters

Heavy & Oversized

Don't be intimidated by the prospect of transporting heavy or oversized loads! We can arrange for a variety of objects and equipment to be conveyed securely via private charter flights to any destination you desire!

View Heavy Cargo
Cargo Air Charters to Remote Destinations

Remote Destinations

Being spirited away to remote locations is ok for vacation but can be a hassle with respect to cargo or freight delivery. Affiliate’s remote destinations private charter flights can simplify the shipping process for you!

View Remote Destinations
Time Critical Air Charters

Time Critical Charters

Looking for a way to save time on shipping and freight forwarding services? We can arrange time critical jet charters that eliminate arrival issues for cargo deliveries engaged under critical time constraints.

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Private Charter Flights that accommodate oversized cargo delivery or heavy object conveyance needs. Call 1-800-615-9754 and Let Flex Air Aviation Make it Happen!

Specialized Air Solutions: Private Charter Flights for Unique Requests

Airline Leasing with Flex Air Aviation

Airline Leasing

Sometimes you need more than just one flight. Take your service to a new level with top-shelf aircraft ready for flight!

View Airline Leasing Options
Corporate Air Travel and Jet Charters

Corporate Travel

Your team is what makes your business work. Create a custom corporate travel plan that leaves no detail unattended!

View Corporate Charters & Travel
Freight Forwarding Air Services

Freight Forwarding

Professional and timely delivery is the cornerstone of sound logistics. Have your cargo delivered on time, every time!

View Freight Forwarding
Government Air Charters

Government Charters

Efficient diplomacy requires both patience and flexibility. Enjoy all the perks of a fully equipped aircraft specialized in government private charter flights!

View Government Charters
Travel Agencies for Jet Charters

Travel Agencies

For the adventurer, there is a key to every door in the world. Arrange convenient, comfortable and cost-effective private charter flights to any destination in the world!

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