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Flex Air Aviation is one of the leaders in the arrangement of air charter services and now can reserve global air cargo solutions. As veteran flight service brokers in the chartered aircraft industry, we organize flights with providers who have the infrastructure, experience and certainly the fleet of aircraft needed to deliver just about any type and size cargo to a destination of your choice. Unlike their competitors, they offer a complete spectrum of air cargo services delivered either swiftly on-board small jets for urgent packages or large airplanes for cargo with extraordinarily large dimensions.

Why You Should Choose UsReserve your Air Cargo Services?

We Make Sending Cargo Quick & Easy

One of the reasons why our affiliates are the air cargo service of choice is because doing business with them is extremely easy. Their experience in the air charter industry allows them to process your package swiftly, get it cleared, and have it in the air within hours. Regardless of how time critical your package may be, they take the hassle out of getting it delivered. With the size of this network, we can make arrangements to get your cargo delivered to any country across the globe, safely and securely.

Competitively Priced

Our partners offer you the best bang for your hard-earned dollars. Whether you need to send a regularly scheduled package or the one off seasonal gift to a friend or family member, they will deliver it within your budget. They offer some of the most competitively priced air cargo services in the industry and guarantee that your package will be delivered within the time frame agreed upon. So, you save both time and money when choosing their cargo shipment services.

Professional Service From Start To Finish

Customer service is our top priority. Our customer service team consists of highly professional agents who have undergone extensive training. Our managers have also spent a considerable time in logistics and also on the tarmac, so they know exactly what’s required to manage the organization of flight options for air freight and cargo shipment services. It is for this reason that we boldly claim that our reservation services are second to none. As a client, your feedback helps us improve, and we make it a priority to mold our options to your liking.

Cargo Transport with No Size Limits

Affiliates pride themselves on ensuring that every package gets the priority it deserves. As air cargo professionals, there is no package they will not deliver and no destination they will not deliver to. So, you can be assured of the fact that they will accept your freight forward package, even when others will not! They treat your air cargo with care and respect. Everyone from the handlers to the people onboard the aircraft take extra measures to ensure that your cargo is safe.

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Dangerous Cargo

When Time is Money

Flex Air Aviation has proven, over the years, that our partners in the flight services industry have what it takes to handle a diverse array of dangerous and hazardous cargo while ensuring that the best shipping practices are used to ensure its safety. Affiliates comb over every detail, no matter the size, to guarantee that your cargo is in safe hands.

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Heavy & Oversized

When Time is Money

Nothing can reach an international or local destination faster than an airplane. Affiliates take the guesswork and size restrictions out of transporting heavy and large cargo. Thanks to their fleet of large aircraft, they pride themselves in their ability to transport just about anything. From automobiles to machinery, they have done it all.

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Remote Destinations

The World is at Your Feet

Our partners provide cargo airplane charters to almost every remote destination in the world. One of the biggest challenges businesses face is transporting equipment to hard-to-reach, remote areas. Allowing us to arrange the flights and logistics is the best thing you can do. Our track record is proven and our team members stop at nothing to ensure that you are satisfied with our service.

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Time Critical Charters

For Getting Just about Anywhere

Time critical charters can deliver everything from automotive parts to production line machinery. Affiliates know that every minute there is a delay costs hundreds of dollars and having important parts delivered is like a sprint to the finish line. No matter the job requirements, Flex Air Aviation is sure to have an appropriate solution for your business!

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