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Let Us Handle Your Dangerous Cargo!

Flex Air Aviation arranges premium cargo transport which is specifically meant for dangerous cargo or hazardous materials. Affiliate's teams of highly professional and experienced ground staff will ensure that your goods are properly packaged, handled and moved to their intended destination. That said we can also help you ascertain the right method of transporting your cargo safely or determine if in fact your cargo can be classified as dangerous or hazardous.

We Transport Dangerous Cargo of All Sizes

Whether you want to air cargo several liters of corrosive acid or a ton of combustible solids, we can arrange transport of it for you. Unlike other dangerous cargo services, our partners have a fleet of both large and small aircraft which allows us to arrange for the right size based on what you need. What’s more, affiliated teams of experts will inspect your dangerous goods to ensure that it can be transported safely. We also take extra measures to prevent potential accidents so you can always be assured that your dangerous cargo will be accepted and transported with the utmost care.

The moment you step on board you’ll see the level of comfort ensured. Everything has been taken care of, from complementary catering and bar services, to high-tech solutions to provide you with everything available in an office and much more. All this results in stress and hassle free travel, wherever and whenever.

Our Services are Cost Effective

Even though service providers offer a premium level service, they also offer the best prices. That said, transporting dangerous cargo and hazardous materials can be expensive. The price usually depends on the size and type of cargo in most cases. When compared with competing services, you’ll find that affiliate’s prices are unbeatable despite top of the line customer service, state of the art equipment and one of the largest fleet of aircraft. Over the years these service providers have earned a reputation for delivering dangerous cargo always on time. Even if the cargo is dangerous, they take all the necessary measures to ensure that it is delivered within the time they commit to. So, your business can trust them with its mission-critical tasks.

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Why Choose Us to Arrange Transport Your Dangerous Goods?

Handling and transporting dangerous goods requires an in-depth knowledge of the items being handled. Not only that, some hazardous substances will require that our personnel use special equipment and wear special clothing to protect them from fumes and potential spills. Affiliates have proven over the years that they have what it takes to handle a diverse array of dangerous cargo while ensuring that the best shipping practices are used to ensure its safety.

Every one of our account managers has received extensive training and are updated with all the latest routing restrictions, regulations and documentation methods. So, your cargo transport arrangements are in safe hands. What’s more, we have the experts you’ll need to advise you on the right way to transport hazardous cargo such as explosives or radioactive waste.

  • Gasses, explosives, combustible liquids, and solids (explosives)

  • Toxic substances, oxidizing agents, peroxides, acids i.e. all classified as dangerous chemicals

  • Radioactive substances such as plutonium etc.

  • Any other substance or solid which is classified as being dangerous to handle or transport

Other Cargo Charter Services We Offer

Remote Destination Delivery

One of the biggest challenges businesses in many industries face is getting equipment to often remote areas. As some of the leading air cargo service providers, our partners can get your precious cargo to any destination including remote places in Alaska or even the jungles of Africa. Take the guess work out of your cargo transportation and hire Flex Air Aviation to arrange the transport for you!

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Heavy & Oversized Cargo

Affiliates take the guesswork and the size restrictions out of transporting heavy and large cargo, thanks to their fleet of large aircraft which can transport just about anything. From automobiles to oversized HVAC units, they have the knowledge and track record to make sure that all of your cargo arrives to it’s destination on time and in one piece.

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Time Critical Cargo Delivery

Let’s face it, there are times when you need to get things delivered in a more rapid fashion! ‘Time Critical Charters’ do just that… they get your items delivered in the shortest time humanly possible. With connections all over the globe, we’ll find you the right aircraft for the job, and our affiliates will get it done faster than the competition!

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