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Heavy Cargo Delivered Across the Globe

One of the biggest challenges with transporting heavy load shipments is handling. Also, the weight can be a factor for smaller airplanes, and so many air freight services will charge you a lot more, if not flat out refuse some sizes or weights. While most businesses decide on shipping their large cargo via sea freight, which also works out to be a lot cheaper, at times, you’ll want to get it across ASAP. Nothing can reach an international or even a local destination faster than an airplane.

Our partners take the guesswork, and the size restrictions out of transporting heavy cargo, thanks to a fleet of large aircraft which can transport just about anything. They will transport your oversized cargo regardless of whether it is for an individual or a business.

Small Differences Put Our Partners Ahead of the Competition

Many people who utilize our prowess in finding providers who were able to easily transport their heavy and often over-sized cargo despite being rejected by competing businesses are glad they contacted us to help facilitate the satisfaction of their need. The key to their success, both in the air charter industry, and now in the heavy cargo industry, has to be their ever expanding and large fleet of aircraft. Across the board, they currently possess everything from small airplanes, best used to transport small cargo within a short distance, as well as larger aircraft capable of flying with tons of heavy cargo on board. All of that coupled with state of the art logistics software, sensors, people on the ground and in the air, makes their premium service possible.

Heavy Cargo Transport is Cost Effective, Yet Efficient

At Flex Air Aviation, we arrange premium level heavy cargo services for packages of all dimensions and weights, but without the premium price tag. Why pay up to twice as much for a service when we can find someone who can do it for less? Everyone knows just how difficult transporting heavy and abnormally large sized cargo can be, which is why there is an additional cost associated with it. However, service providers we partner with have over the years, been able to reduce costs by improving efficiency. So, clients benefit from the best prices regardless of if they need the cargo to be shipped locally (within the US) or internationally. Also, the cargo is processed and loaded on board in record time, hence ensuring that it reaches it’s destination before you even expect it to!

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Transport Heavy Machinery or Factory Equipment with Ease

One of the challenges with machinery and electronic equipment is the fact that they are fragile. So, it needs to be packaged and then handled with care. Affiliates take extra care of your equipment which is why you can be assured that your cargo will reach the location undamaged in any way.

  • Machines for the oil and gas industry, engine parts, power plant parts, etc.

  • Machines for the marine industry like diesel engines

  • Boats, helicopters, cars, etc.

  • Construction equipment

  • Satellite equipment

  • Music equipment

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