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We Transport Your Precious Cargo via Remote Charters

We can arrange affiliate led transport via remote charters to almost any far removed locale within the US and across the globe. One of the biggest challenges businesses in many industries face is getting equipment to far off areas. The oil and gas sector is one instance where often heavy hardware and replacement parts may need to be sent via remote cargo services to isolated regions like Alaska (within the US). However, as one of the leading brokers of remote destination cargo services, we can make reservations to get your precious cargo to any destination including isolated places in Alaska or even the jungles of Africa.

The Most Experienced & Well-Staffed Service In The Industry

Our partners have a great deal of expertise in the remote charter industry. They have not only delivered isolated location services but have also provided remote destination services to many clients. Thanks to their ever-increasing fleet of vehicles and aircraft, they are now able to reach any remote destination in the world. They have the knowledge and the ability to handle any situation or challenge for that matter. After all, transporting equipment and machines to remote destinations is a huge undertaking! Get a quote for delivering your cargo to a remote destination of choice by calling us.

Always Ready for Takeoff

One of the biggest reasons why many businesses and individuals choose Flex Air Aviation over the competition is because there is no delay. Our affiliate’s aircraft consists of both airplanes of all sizes and helicopters. So regardless of how remote the destination, they are ready to take off on short notice. Whether they need to have lifesaving drugs delivered to a remote destination or they need to get there themselves, time is always of the essence. By ensuring that there is always an aircraft ready for takeoff, you can be assured that your remote cargo will be delivered ASAP.

Our Staff is Committed

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the best customer service experience in the industry. We know that many people and businesses will have questions about our service which is why our customer service specialists have years of on the job training. So, whether you need to find out about the right documentation or how long it will take for your cargo to reach a remote destination our people are always willing to help. Get your remote cargo to any secluded destination across the world today by calling us.

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Delivering Lifesaving Equipment & Aid

Extensive experience in delivering remote cargo to rough terrain and isolated destinations means that they are the go-to choice for NGOs and other organizations. Our partner’s ability to reach remote regions of the world means that they can deliver humanitarian aid and equipment to areas affected by natural disasters. They can also ensure that life-saving drugs and other urgent items are delivered in the shortest time possible. Additionally, their aircraft can be used to evacuate people from disaster zones at short notice. Some of our most popular requests for reservation for remote charter services are listed. Don’t see what you need? No worries! Give us a call and one of our representatives will gladly assist you.

  • Utility Vehicles

  • Helicopters & Aircraft

  • Aid Equipment/Medicines

  • Camping Equipment

  • Gifts

  • Consumer Items

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