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Insanely Fast Urgent Cargo Charters

Let’s face it, there are times when you need to get a few things delivered rapidly! Urgent cargo Charters do just that… they get your items delivered in the shortest time humanly possible. Over the years, our partners have successfully delivered dozens of packages for businesses and individuals alike across the world. Our state of the art logistics systems partnered with the fastest jets in the industry ensures that your package reaches it’s destination safely and always on time. If you have a package that needs to be delivered in a hurry, in a time critical sense, then call us right away to make reservations now!

Blazing Fast processing of your Items

Customs clearance, documentation, and various other formalities can take time, especially if you’re shipping internationally. However, thanks to streamlined urgent cargo charters all of the hassle is reduced to a minimum. Your package is our service providers first priority and gets processed before everyone else. So, it can be up in the air within just a couple of minutes. What’s more is our customer service professionals work with you to ensure that you encounter no hurdles when shipping mission critical items which may require additional documentation. Affiliates do all the heavy lifting for you, so just sit back and be assured that your mission critical items will reach their destination, possibly even before you’re updated on their status.

Why Choose Urgent Cargo services?

One of the leading reasons why many individuals and businesses choose us to reserve express transport services is because we always deliver on our promise. Our years of experience in the flight services industry, coupled with the fact that our partners have the latest airplanes at their disposal, ensures that your package is always delivered on time. What’s more, every one of our partners has years of experience on the tarmac, and understands the process involved with getting your items delivered at near light speed! Dozens of clients will attest to the fact that they deliver packages faster than most other services. A big plus is that their services are also competitively priced. So, their urgent cargo and time sensitive services are faster, cheaper and more professional!

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When Will You Need Urgent Cargo Charters?

In most cases, you’ll know when you need something delivered urgently. However, just in case you were wondering, time sensitive charters can deliver everything from automotive parts to production line replacement machinery. Our affiliates know that every minute is costing you hundreds of dollars and so getting the parts delivered is like a sprint to the finish line. They have just the jet for the job! They additionally, have hundreds of people on the ground and in the air, that work as a team to ensure that your package is delivered ASAP. Also, up to the minute information systems will keep you updated on where the package is at the moment. At times the packages move way faster than notification systems! So, it’s delivered before you even know it. They handle and deliver just about any item under the sun.

  • Car & Automotive Parts

    Any sized vehicle or parts inventory

  • Relief goods

    Clothing, Tarps, Housing

  • Oil and Gas Industry

    Pipeline and rig equipment delivery

  • Medical equipment

    Everything from medicine to cots to tents

  • Airline Parts

    From smaller planes to turbine engines

  • Any Other Time Sensitive Item

    Literally, anything you can think of!

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Flex Air Aviation provides cargo airplane charters to almost every remote destination in the US and across the world. One of the biggest challenges businesses in many industries face is getting equipment to often remote areas.

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Dangerous Cargo

Every one of our account managers has received extensive training and are updated with all the latest routing restrictions, regulations and documentation methods. We have the experts you’ll need to advise you on the right way to transport hazardous cargo such as explosives or radioactive waste.

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Heavy & Oversized Cargo

One of the biggest challenges with transporting heavy and over-sized cargo is handling. At Flex Air Aviation, we take the guesswork, and the size restrictions out of transporting heavy and large cargo, thanks to our fleet of large aircraft which can transport just about anything.

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