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Why Choose Affiliates for Employee Logistics?

With an extensive background and experience in company travel across the globe via employee logistic solutions, our affiliate's business charter services allow companies a reliant means of transportation. Air cargo is about much more than just package and freight deliveries. Transporting personnel can be the difference that allows your business to keep moving. New technologies have created a world that is vastly better connected than it ever has been. There is still a distinct need in the field of business to meet face to face. The ability to look a customer or associate in the eye during a key conversation cannot be replicated.

The added benefit of this interaction is something that cannot be measured in a quarterly report or weekly expenses. Anybody who has the opportunity to network in such a personal way with associates is sure to have a positive impact on your long-term business prospects. There is really no better way to add the human element into a business relation than to actually meet in person. The added touch is just the thing that every professional venture needs to get it over the edge.

Commercial Flying is a Thing of the Past

Commercial airline services come with a multitude of possible complications. First and foremost is a lack of reliability. Delays during a vacation are one thing, but in the fast-paced world of corporate pursuits, cancelled or delayed company travel can break a business. Employee logistics for chartered flight services offer solutions that are consistently dependable. In addition to getting there on time, patrons of a business charter can expect to arrive in the best state of mind.

The level of convenience with company travel through our affiliates is unmatched by any sort of a commercial airline. Getting to the airport at the right time, making sure the luggage doesn’t weigh too much, worrying about security checks; the stressors that come with commercial flight are limitless. Our partner’s personnel logistic services reduce the amount of stress a traveler will encounter tenfold. There is simply no value that can be placed on peace of mind. Ensure you and your employees arrive at the destination ready to tackle any task.

Personnel logistics make it possible to transport your workforce safely and efficiently. Perhaps more importantly, their business charter services are offered to remote destinations that are otherwise difficult to reach. The world is a massive place and many regions remain vastly underserved by the commercial airline industry. By avoiding all of the connecting flights and de-cluttering your employee’s itinerary, you are able to ensure relaxed and prepared personnel.

We Have Options for Teams of All Sizes

We can arrange services for any number of different types of customers. Whether it is a mining and engineering project or if your work in the financial sector requires you to be somewhere, we can make travel arrangements to get you there. Our partnered service providers take pride in offering personnel logistics services to a wide array of industries by maintaining staff that is adaptable to any situation that may arise. Their training and hiring standards are the top in the industry. Whatever work you do and wherever you need to work; employee logistics are the only reliable choice.

We like to think that the best service we offer is that of our excellent customer support staff. We are available to provide assistance around the clock, should you have any questions regarding a business charter or anything else. Flex Air Aviation customer support can provide answers to personnel logistics questions.

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Emergency Response

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Sports Team Charters

The past few decades have delivered a plethora of advancements in the medical field, specifically relating to the sports world. With this has come an understanding as to just how important rest is, and conversely how much of an affect fatigue can have on an athlete. It is no wonder that every professional sports franchise and many amateur teams are looking to improve their player’s performance through chartered flights.

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Tours and Roadshows

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