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Private Jet Charters take Travel to a Whole New Level

Flex Air Aviation understands that traveling can be time-sensitive and more often than not requires diligence and precision. Whether you’re heading off to multiple meetings in different cities or going on a vacation with the family, check-ins and excessive security screenings for conventional airports are sure to chew up all the valuable time you’d much rather spend actually flying.

With Flex Air Aviation private jet charters you’ll receive unparalleled convenience and comfort, putting you in charge of the way you travel. Quick and easy boarding process guided by hands-on professionals ensures flight-readiness in a fraction of the time spent getting on a conventional flight. And while flying, you’ll enjoy the full comfort of a private, spacious cabin that lets you rest and enjoy the trip carefree. Call to find out just how pleasant private jet charters are!

Business Jets

When Time is Money

At times when every minute counts, a reliable and professional means of travel is what makes or breaks a deal. Quicker transits and faster check-in times optimize your experience and turn flying into the most time-efficient form of travel. With a business air plane charter, you can plan your own schedule and visit multiple locations, and arrive for meetings in record time. Impressive in-flight technology and full comfort luxury packages allow for you stay productive while traveling or, on the contrary – partake in a chance to rest and arrive at your location refreshed and ready to work.

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Empty Legs

When Time is Money

When a private jet charter has to return from a one-way flight, the return trip is called “Empty Legs”. Our affiliates are of the mindset that it doesn’t make sense to fly the plane empty, which is why we’re offering these personal jet flights for a fraction of the price of a regular private jet charter. You can save up to 75%, choosing one of many different planes for an empty legs flight. Please see our regularly updated flight schedule to find an empty leg flight suited for your needs.

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Private Jets

The World is at Your Feet

A night out in the city that never sleeps and a skiing trip in Aspen the next day? No problem! Forget about countless hours in queue at the check-in terminal wondering when you’ll actually be able to board your plane. A private jet charter gets you up and flying in a matter of minutes. As a result of private check-in and security procedures, the time spent waiting in line is reduced to zero. Travel with style, luxury and comfort, fly to places inaccessible by commercial aircraft at your own pace – all this is simple on a personal jet flight.

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Turboprop Air Taxis

For Getting Just about Anywhere

Perfect for private jet charters that consists of shorter flights and accessing remote locations, turboprop air taxis are a traditional form of travel that has aged well with time. Small size and reduced preparation time ensure that you’ll be up in the air in almost no time at all. Efficient fuel consumption means that for shorter regional chartered private flights, a propellered plane is the most cost-efficient form of travel. The reduced size also contributes to being able to access remote locations with even the smallest airfields.

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