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Custom Business Jet Plane Solutions

In a modern business environment, flexibility and being able to react quickly are key to successful operations. Travel is no exception, and being able to travel within tight schedules while ensuring the comfort of your employees is the cornerstone to a successful business. That’s why Flex Air Aviation partners with service providers who offer premium business jet solutions that ensure high end service from start to finish. The business flight options are limitless, regardless of whether you want to work in the sky, have a rejuvenating moment of rest, or simply kick back and enjoy the view as we take you to even the farthest locations in comfort and safety.

Functionality is the Key to Your Success

Flying on a business jet is the ultimate means of time-saving travel. Ready for takeoff in record time, the jet gets you right where you need to be, at the precise time needed. And while flying, the business doesn’t stop. Workstations and conference centers equipped with the latest tools ensure you don’t lose a minute of your valuable time. If it has been a long day and more hustle and bustle awaits you on the other end, you can have a breather at the lounge, catch a rejuvenating shut-eye in one of the private suites and freshen up in a stand-up shower. No need goes unfulfilled, and every aspect of the trip is designed to provide more than first class – our business jet charters are a completely new level of luxury. A rightful favorite amongst celebrities and busy professionals, our business jet service takes your needs and desires and brings them to life. It’s the ultimate palace in the sky, ready to take you wherever you need to be, all the while providing comfort unparalleled by any other means of transport.

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We Provide Nothing but the Best Service

The luxury of a jet plane service falls into a category of its own. First class flights on commercial airplanes pale in comparison of the quality of service you receive with our professional business team. We will arrange speedy customs and security checks through private gates, a momentaneous take-off and lowest flight times to any business location you’re traveling to. The moment you step on board you’ll see the level of comfort ensured. Everything has been taken care of, from complementary catering and bar services, to high-tech solutions that provide you with everything available in an office and much more. All this results in stress and hassle free travel, wherever and whenever.

Popular BusinessJet Charters

Empty Legs - Business Jet Charters

Empty Legs

When a private jet has to return from a one-way flight, the return trip is called “Empty Legs”. For us, it doesn’t make sense to fly the plane empty, which is why we’re offering these flights for a fraction of the price of a regular business flight or charter. You can save up to 75%, choosing one of our many different planes for an empty legs flight. Please see our regularly updated flight schedule to find an empty legs flight suited for your needs.

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Private Jets - Business Jet Charters

Private Jets

A night out in the city that never sleeps and a skiing trip in Aspen the next day? No problem! Forget about countless hours in queue at the check-in terminal wondering when you’ll actually be able to board your plane. A private jet flight gets you up and flying in a matter of minutes, as with private check-in and security procedures the time spent waiting in line is reduced to zero. Travel with style, luxury and comfort, fly to places inaccessible by commercial aircraft at your own pace – all this is simple with a private jet.

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Turboprop Air Taxis - Business Jet Charters

Turboprop Air Taxis

Perfect for shorter flights and accessing remote locations, turboprop air taxis are a traditional form of travel that has aged well with time. Small size and reduced preparation time ensure that you’ll be up in the air in almost no time at all. Efficient fuel consumption means that for shorter regional flights, a propeller plane is the most cost-effective form of travel. The reduced size also contributes to being able to access remote locations with even the smallest airfields.

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