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One Way Flights Deliver Luxury at a Huge Discount

Booking a one way flight is a great way to enjoy all the convenience and comfort of a private charter for a fraction of the price. We can provide access to an extensive, regularly updated list of cheap flight offers saving up to 75% off the regular price. Learn more about amazing savings on one way flights by contacting us and letting one of our representatives guide you throughout the entire process!

What Exactly Are Empty Leg Flights?

It is often the case that a private charter only transports passengers in one direction. This usually happens because of two main reasons:

  • The last flight ordered was a one-way flight and the aircraft has to return to base location empty.
  • If a return trip is scheduled more than a few days later, the waiting time for the jet can be used to carry out other flights. While flying to the location to pick up new passengers, the plane is again empty and available for empty legs.

Flex Air Aviation has a team dedicated to finding you the best available flight for your price range. Give us a call and one of our team members will find you the next available one way flight.

Empty Leg Flights - One Way Flights

One Way Flights Provide a Wide Range of Options

With thousands of flights happening every day, our list of available cheap flight options is vast, and it’s updated regularly. You can choose from a large number of flight destinations and aircraft types, including comfortable private charters and luxurious business jets. It’s a perfect opportunity to come up with a quick solution to your travel needs, while significantly reducing the costs. Unlike commercial flights, one way flights offer exceptional customer service quality and luxury class comforts while on board. Enjoy your private flight, fully equipped with top-notch modern amenities, ready to support all your business and relaxation needs. It’s the perfect way to do business or go on an adventurous vacation, while paying only a fraction of regular private jet expenses.

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Flex Air Aviation Will Find You The Most Convenient One Way Flight Available

Our professional flight experts will find the flights best suited for your needs. With tons of flight destinations and types, pinpointing the private charter that fits your requirements can be a daunting task. But with our top-shelf flight search software, finding and booking the perfect match for your journey is quick and easy.

For maximum convenience, we offer adaptive flight scheduling, which means that instead of returning straight to its base location empty, the plane will make a route adjustment to pick you up on its way. As a result, you can book one way flights that were originally planned to go a slightly different path. This considerably increases the availability of empty leg flights, providing a lot more options for budget-friendly private jet travels. Quickly gaining popularity among various professionals, politicians and celebrities, private jet flying provides the ultimate travel experience. Unparalleled comfort and quality of service take the hassle out of air travel, and deliver an all around pleasant and enjoyable experience. And now, with our special one way offers, private jets are available for a fraction of the price!

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