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An air taxi is a quick and agile form of transport, ready to take you to almost location in the world. Compared to jet aircraft, the turboprops are smaller in size and more nimble which serves to help accommodate your busy schedule. The size and flying speed of these turboprop planes provides a distinct advantage when traveling to remote locations. The jet aircraft can easily land at small airports, eliminating unnecessary travel from a major airport to your destination. You’ll arrive just where you need to be, regardless of how far off!

In addition, the preparation time of a turboprop private jet is considerably lower than that of traditional jet aircraft. The propellers provide instant power, reducing the time needed to get in the air and ultimately be on your way. With an average speed of around 300 miles per hour, the turboprop jet aircraft is truly is like an air version of a taxi, taking you wherever you need to be quickly and easily. And the best part is – booking is quick and easy, simply call our representatives to get started reserving a private jet today!

Air Taxis: Perfect for Short to Mid Range Flights

The average nonstop range of a turboprop aircraft is usually a little over 1,000 miles. This is perfect for short and medium distance flights or a series of quick flights between multiple locations. Just like a taxi, it’s nimble and speedy, providing maximum versatility and ease of travel, even when your plans change suddenly.

Adhering to its name, the turboprop draws its power from one or more highly reliable propellers. As the engine is much more fuel-efficient than jet thrusters, the total consumption is reduced significantly. For short to mid range flights this translates into considerably reduced flight costs, when compared to larger jet airplanes.

Turbo Prop Air Taxis

Air Taxis Provide Safety and Comfort

Modern turboprop aircraft feature a fully pressurized cabin that ensures comfort on par with luxury jet aircraft. In addition to that, they are furnished with the most modern safety modules and technological appliances, such as AC, radio and on-board phone. Snacks and beverages are also readily available on board, and hot meals and minibars come with the package of most of our air taxi flights.

Carrying up to 8 passengers, these private jets are the perfect solution for quick business trips or a getaway with your friends or family. The versatility, speed and comfort of the planes provide all the convenience of a private luxury aircraft, while eliminating the nerve-wrecking hassle of conventional airline services. Call and choose an air taxi for your private adventure, where you to your destination quickly and safely.

Turboprop Air Taxis

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Empty Leg Flights

When a private jet has to return from a one-way flight, the return trip is called “Empty Legs”. For us, it doesn’t make sense to fly the plane empty, which is why we’re offering these flights for a fraction of the price of a regular private charter. You can save up to 75%, choosing one of our many different planes for an empty leg flight. Please see our regularly updated flight schedule to find an empty legs flight suited for your needs.

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A night out in the city that never sleeps and a skiing trip in Aspen the next day? No problem! Forget about countless hours in queue at the check-in terminal wondering when you’ll actually be able to board your plane. A private jet flight gets you up and flying in a matter of minutes, as with private check-in and security procedures the time spent waiting in line is reduced to zero. Travel with style, luxury and comfort, fly to places inaccessible by commercial aircraft at your own pace - all this is simple with a private jet.

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