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Airline & Private Jet Charters with Flex Air Aviation

Our affiliate network consists of a number of types and models of aircraft guaranteed to be available with no blackout dates, sometimes even on short notice. Prepare your aircraft rental solution for the busy season or open up new routes for your clientele with any of the multiple aircraft leasing options we can place at your disposal.

We Offer Competitive Flexibility in Airline Leasing Options

Flex Air Aviation works alongside some of the most proficient fleet carriers, ready to offer you the most appropriate aircraft leasing options available at any given time as well as any additional aircraft rental services you require. Many of our affiliated providers offer dry, damp, wet and ACMI leases upon request so you’re never understaffed at the time you need it most.

If you are in the market for aircraft and airline leases, we’re available to assist. Contact us and discuss with one of our highly-trained representatives your required private jet charter services and timeframe of your request. You may also get in touch with us via email by continuing to our contact page and leaving a message detailing your aircraft leasing requests and required airline lease schedule, at which point one of our representatives will contact you shortly thereafter.

Aircraft Leasing Tailored to Your Service

Our expansive network lets you choose the types of aircraft you need, from large public seating to cargo transport. Contact a Flex Air Aviation representative to discuss aircraft leasing options and scheduling for your business.

Flex Air Aviation is dedicated to offering its clients access to the best network, the most innovative fleet, and the most flexible scheduling in the industry. Combining some of the leading providers in the industry, including Air Charter Service and EAS, we can ensure smooth introductions to our service providers and the utmost care for our clientele. Your satisfaction is our top priority and our agents will work around the clock to make sure that each and every demand of your’s is met, no matter how big or small.

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Purchase Your Very Own Aircraft

Flex Air Aviation is always looking to begin new partnerships within the private charter industries. If you own a fleet and are looking for avenues to lease out, offset costs and earn income, start by contacting our representatives today and let us know of your interest.

Flex Air Aviation is affiliated with a network of aircraft leasing service providers centered around providing its customers with quality and immediate assistance tailored to their travel. Call Flex Air Aviation today and hire the crew and equipment you need to maintain and expand your services on demand.

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