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If you or your organization needs further shipping logistics to forward air freight, regardless of size, search no further than Flex Air Aviation. We use our connections with multiple service providers across the globe to provide access to the quickest, safest and most reliable freight transport service possible. Our affiliates work with governments, commercial airlines, businesses, and various other private entities to ensure that no package is left behind. Read further to learn about freight transport and shipping logistic priorities when it comes to your property. When you’re ready, give our representatives a call to schedule pickup and delivery of your air freight or cargo.

Flex Air Aviation organizes Your Freight Transport

Secure and Reliable Shipping

Flex Air Aviation’s access to a vast collection of service providers who excel in shipping logistics are able to convey nearly any size air freight shipment, including oversized cargo not normally allowed by other freight transport services. For private parties and government agencies, they can ship large, fragile and dangerous items with the guarantee that it will get to its destination. No matter the situation, even in times of conflict, our partners will get your items to their destination in the condition you want them in. Time sensitive shipments are also no problem for affiliates as they handle urgent shipments with ease and assurance.

This exceptional service is possible through our exclusive network of industry-leading partners, using their entire fleet of freight transport cargo aircraft and 25 years of experience to ensure fast and safe delivery of anything and everything. Contact us via email or directly.

Convenient Delivery

Affiliates provide all forms of air freight delivery for our customers, including door-to-door delivery. Using a private party of couriers, they can pick up any package directly upon request. Your shipment will never leave their hands until it is delivered safely to its assigned recipient. Their flights even include real-time information checks so you always know where your shipment is.


Our network is capable of shipping urgent cargo with immediacy upon request. Whenever a specific piece of equipment is needed to finish or continue a project or to deliver parts to those in need of mechanical repair, Flex Air Aviation provides the aircraft and crew to help you come to the rescue. We’ll ship anything from medical equipment to oil and fuel. If you have anything in need of immediate shipping, don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Our representatives will be more than happy to help.

We Ship Anywhere!

They are also able to ship overseas and to more hazardous locations, making them a great solution for humanitarian, military, and corporate needs. Combine some of the providers we can deliver access to such as private courier services to deliver much-needed supplies to war-torn countries or locations ravaged by natural disasters. Learn more about services we can provide introduction to in these and similar scenarios by contacting Flex Air Aviation using the web form or via telephone.

Do You Need Something Different?

In addition to freight transport via air freight services or shipping logistics, our partners may also provide short distance cargo delivery via helicopter. Be sure to view our helicopter sections to learn about all of the ways Flex Air Aviation can arrange access to providers to meet your needs when a traditional air charter just is not viable.

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