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Government Transportation Made Simple

Our network of government transportation service providers and government travel charter services are a perfect match for official travel across the world.

For years, Flex Air Aviation has been arranging assistance to government bodies for military travel and otherwise, to and away from important meetings, events, and appointments. Using our network of partners, they offer a large fleet of various aircraft, allowing for tailored services to any scenario, from election campaigns to military or cargo charter services.

We Outperform the Competition in Every Aspect

Privacy and Comfort are Essential

Our affiliate’s fleet include numerous seating options, from 400 seat aircraft, built to comfortably hold entire committees, to private jets for higher-ranking officials, seating only a select few and designed with confidentiality in mind.

All of the aircraft are top-of-the-line and created for luxury, allowing officials to take the edge off and be at their best when arriving at their selected destination. You can rest easy knowing that you are in the best hands possible for your government transportation and charter services. We take every detail seriously, no matter how big or small.

Reliability & Time Management

With a large network of partners and vast fleet on hand at all times, Flex Air Aviation ensures that you will never be without the military travel or charter service flight you need, when you need it. Affiliates offer short-term and long-term charter leases, as well as flexible empty leg flights to keep the budget down while staying on time.

For government transportation services for branches big and small, Flex Air Aviation provides access to safety, comfort, and luxury to meet all of your government travel needs. Contact us by phone or visit our contact page for more information on leasing and prices.

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