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Our Basic Drone Pilot Training is Comprehensive & Fast!

Flex Air Aviation Basic Pilot Training involves all there is to know about Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), as well as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations that go along with flying them. Students are adept in practically everything drone-related at the end of this phase of training. Don’t let the word “basic” deter you from signing up for this comprehensive program. Everything you need to know to become a certified drone pilot is including in your training. The intent of this training program is to move students ahead to the hands-on training stage as quickly as possible. Once there, the sky is literally and figuratively the limit as to how far you can go with your newfound skills.

Are You Ready? It’s Time to Learn!

The coursework portion of Flex Air Aviation Basic Pilot Training is a necessary component in this comprehensive program. You won’t find any “filler” lessons or anything that isn’t imperative to becoming certified to fly a Drone/UAV. The initial phases of your Basic Pilot Training will take place online, but you’ll have easy access to your instructors for questions and collaboration. Your instructors are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs), who are committed to seeing you become the best drone pilot possible.

We understand that occasionally students come into a program like this one with some experience. It’s important to let your instructor know this ahead of time. If the entire class has piloted an aircraft, some of the basic instruction may be deemed unnecessary, thus allowing everyone to move ahead to a more advanced portion of the training.

Our goal at Flex Air Aviation is to see every one of our students fully comprehend everything needed to become a successful drone pilot. Prior to moving on to the hands-on learning phase of Basic Pilot Training, we will instill in you an intrinsic knowledge of the regulations set by the Federal Aviation Administration regarding all unmanned aircraft. You’ll be intrigued. You’ll be excited to learn. You’ll emerge from Flex Air Aviation Basic Pilot Training coursework with even more drive to pilot a Drone/UAV. In the blink of an eye--and some online and hands-on learning--you’ll be making plans to fly unmanned aircraft for recreation or as a means of generating income.

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Hands-On Learning is Fun!

Our hands-on learning program is both comprehensive and fun. Flex Air Aviation Basic Pilot Training students will take part in two outdoor training sessions with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certified Flight Instructors. It’s at this point they’ll first watch their unmanned aircraft take flight.

Students will use one of Flex Air Aviation’s vast assortment of the latest, most innovative drones for this hands-on portion of Basic Pilot Training. However if you prefer to use your own drone, that is allowed, too. We are committed to making this part of the training program as much fun as it is informative.

Flex Air Aviation Drone Pilots Make the Best Instructors

At Flex Air Aviation, our Basic Pilot Training instructors are the best in the business. They are Certified Flight Instructors who received their certification from the FAA. In addition to their credentials, they love flying unmanned aircraft and are passionate about sharing their enthusiasm, as well as their knowledge, with their students.

Flex Air Aviation flight instructors are happy to answer any questions their Basic Drone/UAV Pilot Training students may have. In addition to offering encouragement for flying drones, they enjoy furthering the industry that employs a vast number of drone pilots. You could soon join the ranks of employees in this industry!

Our Basic Drone/UAV Pilot Training is Top-Notch

Flex Air Aviation Basic Drone/UAV Pilot Training truly is the best program for learning to pilot unmanned aircraft. From the time you call our customer service representatives to sign up for training, it’s abundantly clear that expertise and enthusiasm reign supreme.

Our one-day course is filled with all the basic knowledge you need in the hands-on portion, which gives you real-world experience of flying drones and UAVs. Flex Air Aviation students are in the best hands as they work toward making dreams come true. Whether you plan to fly a drone for fun or as a business venture, you’ll learn everything you need to know at Flex Air Aviation.

Basic Drone Pilot Training
Basic Drone Pilot Training

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