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Many of the services we are currently utilizing for drones have actually been around well before the technology took off. As many industries have become more accustomed to sUAVs (small UAV), we have started exclusively dealing with them. There is simply no better option across the aerospace world than to fly by drone. The best part is that drones are able to offer services that are cost effective. For the first time ever, employing the services of a drone has become affordable. We are extremely excited of that fact and would love to showcase our services to new customers. Drones are being utilized by many different industries that have never been able to use aerospace technology before. If you business operations could use an upgrade, contact us today!

Traditional Aircraft or Drones

Drones have proven to be incredibly useful and cost effective for companies and individuals across the aerospace industry. Where a traditional aircraft may struggle, drones and UAVs thrive. The pilot of these crafts are able to maneuver the small drones in ways that a helicopter or airplane just cannot move. There is also a great benefit to the pilot not being physically located within the drone. There are times when inclement weather or dangerous terrain make for a flight that is less than safe. While drones are sometimes expensive, they are considered expendable--much more so than a life. There is simply an inherent safety involved with drones that is not there when a pilot is within the aircraft.

Drones have proven to not only be safer than traditional aircraft, they are also more cost effective. Simply put, getting a drone into the air is much easier and cheaper than an airplane. Taking flight has never been more economical than with a drone or UAV. The way in which a drone is able to get into the sky makes airborne efforts more accessible than ever before.

Drones are Useful For Every Business

It didn’t take long for companies outside of the world of aerospace to find out that drones have a lot to offer. Just because something has never been done by air before does not mean it cannot be tried. Drones can be used by everyone and have truly taken off in the aerospace industry. Cost effective, safe, and efficient; there is no reason not to see if drones could work for your endeavors.

One such example of an industry that has taken to drones and UAVs is the world of golf. Planning a course has never been easier as an architect is able to gather aerial shots of the grounds with little effort. Once a layout is decided upon and the course has been constructed, many superintendents like to see what they have from above. The shots that a drone are able to offer are incredibly useful in identifying invasive species and irrigation issues. Photography and videography was one of the first industries to take to using drones. These machines have been used for the same reasons by a wide array of companies that need information.

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3D Modeling / Photogrammetry

There are spaces that drones are able to travel that other aircraft simply cannot. The growth in technology has allowed drones to revolutionize a variety of different industries. One such is the field of 3D modeling and photogrammetry. Learn what a drone has to offer you in the field of modeling and 3D photogrammetry. You will soon discover what you have been missing this whole time. Drones allow you to complete jobs more efficiently while also being cost effective.

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Stockpile & Inventory Surveys

Drones are able to do a wide array of jobs faster and more efficiently than they have been done in the past. Many of these tasks have long been a pain for companies. An especially time consuming task for anybody that moves product is inventory and stockpile counts. There is nothing more tedious than amassing a list and count for your entire inventory. If you have an outdoor stockpile, consider using a drone in order to cut cost and time. Stop wasting the time of your own employees and utilize Flex Air Aviation’s stockpile and inventory survey team.

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Aerial Mapping

There is no better way to see a space and track formations than from above. While in the past we were reliant on heavy aircraft, there is a new technology that is available. Drones are the best way to explore an area and gather information. Airplanes and helicopters are expensive and immobile when compared to a drone and suAV. A Flex Air Aviation drone will give you everything you need to know in the shortest amount of time. Learn more about just what a drone is able to offer you with Flex Air Aviation.

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Aerial Inspection

Drones are able to inspect electrical systems and railroads faster than any other method. The best way to know that everything is going according to plan is to see it from above. Electrical lines and railroads are time consuming to explore. With a drone, you can cover more space in less time. There is also amazing technology that our drones are able to employ which is able to inspect any operation on a whole new level. Learn more about what a drone can offer your inspection efforts.

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Long-Range Surveys

Drones are known for their ability to get quickly into the sky. What many people do not think of is the fact that a drone can stay high above for extended periods as well. There is no better way to track large periods than a drone. A drone is able to fly long distances at speeds that allow for more data to be collected. There is no better way to explore expansive areas and gather the most amount of information possible than by utilizing a drone or sUAV. Flex Air Aviation’s experts are ready to get you more information today.

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Aerial Photography & Video

Photo and video was the first field that discovered just how amazing a drone is. There is no better way to kick any project up a notch than with an aerial shot, and there is no more effective way to get them than with a drone. Your next venture needs an extra shot of something--an aerial image or video is perfect. Drones are able to do for everybody what was once limited to professionals in hollywood. No jacks or elevators are required when you have an expert drone pilot and photographer ready to capture everything from a new perspective. Learn more about aerial photography and video options with Flex Air Aviation today.

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Real Estate Photography

The world of real estate is more crowded than it ever has been. If a real estate listing wants to stand out from the crowd, it needs an amazing, informative cover photo. A drone is able to get into the sky and take shots that nobody else will have. With one single shot, you will be able to show customers and potential buyers just how amazing the property is. Use technological advances to make money and better serve your business. Get your property sold today with a drone!

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