3D Models Are A Great Way to Visualize Your Area of Interest!
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3D Modeling & Photogrammetry Services

One of the many things drones can offer your business or personal construction project is a unique way of surveying an area marked for development. If you need to assess an area, drones can use advanced photogrammetry techniques to make precise measurements of the space, then use the data to make 3D models of it. Not only are these models extremely accurate and helpful in making more precise decisions, but their data makes for highly effective presentations—which can mean the difference between project approval and project failure. Take your project planning to the next level—go with a drone.

Unique 3D Models are Useful & Convenient

Flex Air Aviation’s customer base is huge, and growing—with more demand than ever in the fields of construction, resource management, oil and gas operations, engineering, utility services, and more. Why? Because if you need cost-effective, convenient, and fast solutions for site mapping and surveying, nothing beats a drone. Traditional methods like helicopters and fixed-wing craft are too expensive, not to mention inefficient and inconvenient. With a drone, you get unique, close-up views from a high altitude, and drones can be operated as long as you need, to get the exact measurements you require. Not only that, but all of Flex Air Aviation’s drone operators are FAA certified and tested, which means you’re getting the most professional, capable service possible. Stay ahead of the curve and get proven solutions for the Twenty-First Century—go with a drone.

Flexibility That You Can Afford

No matter how big or small your company or project is, Flex Air Aviation can provide a 3D modeling solution for you. Our drones provide accurate measurements and high-density data, without consuming your budget. You’d be hard pressed to find a drone capturing service that can offer what we do at a better price—or in a more efficient and professional way. We can afford to be so competitively priced because our operational experience is wide ranging, and our drones are applicable for many uses. If you think your business can benefit from a drone, call one of our customer representatives today.

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Popular UAV & Drone Services

Aerial Mapping

Your site development strategy is too important to have inaccurate measurements, or to go over on budget or time. Get your measurements right the first time, with our drones, cutting-edge software, and FAA-certified operators. You’ll be amazed at what we can do for you, from topographical analytics to volumetric measurements, to ortho mosaics. We do it all! The site development and surveying techniques we use were once considered to be so complicated that they would be impossible to implement, or too expensive to do so. With drones, the most accurate, cutting-edge techniques are now feasible and reasonably priced.

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Aerial Photography & Video

Taking to the air to get the perfect shot used to be complicated and expensive. With drones, all of that has changed. Now, if you want your potential backers to see the vision from the sky, all you need is a great operator, a great photographer—and a drone, of course. Our photography and video services give you the ability to show your vision for the project to others, with jaw-dropping clarity and precision. There’s no more need for complicated rigging systems, jacks, cranes, or elevators to take your footage to the next level. With drone solutions from Flex Air Aviation, you’re ready.

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