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Aerial Inspections Performed by Drones

Drones can be used for numerous tasks. One popular usage for drones is to perform aerial inspections. This is a non-invasive, fast, and cost efficient way to monitor anything from power lines to the infrastructure of buildings. It is a safe and effective method that does not put anyone in danger. The drone operator will send up the unmanned aircraft and fly it to the correct location. The pilot and/or ground crew will monitor the images captured by the drone from the ground. Drones can be used to get a closer look at infrastructure issues or high voltage spots. It is the most effective way to inspect any type of structure. Book your aerial inspection with Flex today!

Power Line Monitoring & Cell Tower Drone Inspections

Many kinds of structures must be inspected regularly in order to prevent extensive damage and costly repairs. Cell towers are one type of structure that needs regular inspections. The best way to monitor the stability of a cell tower is with the use of a drone. It is the safest, easiest, and most effective method of inspection. Orientation issues, structural defects, and cracks can cause significant and costly damage to cell towers. A drone can provide live, high quality images of the problem area. The drone operator and/or ground crew members can view the images captured by the drone from the safety of the ground. Another type of structure that can be easily monitored by a drone are power lines. High winds, storms, and natural disasters can cause extensive damage to power lines. This kind of destruction can be lethal to clean up crews. Downed power lines have proven to be deadly. Using a drone to inspect the damage to power lines is the safest way to access what needs to be cleaned up. If you need to perform an aerial inspection on a cell tower or any power lines, call our representatives at Flex today!

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Bridge Monitoring via Drone

Bridges are critical parts of the infrastructure to our cities. They help millions of people get to where they need to be every single day. When bridges become compromised, it can put thousands of people at risk and destroy the flow of daily life. It can be catastrophic. In order to avoid incidences such as this, regular inspections of bridges should be performed. With recent innovations in technology, drones have become the best option for this task. The drone pilot can fly the drone under, over, and around the bridge, inspecting every aspect of the structure. It can relay back detailed images of any problem areas. Engineers can then come up with a solution to prevent further damage.

Drone Bridge Monitoring

Inspections for Windmills/Wind Turbines

Windmills and wind turbines are wonderful, new sources of alternative energy. Commonly referred to as Green Energy, wind farms are becoming more popular. Windmills and wind turbines utilize rotating blades that are aerodynamic. This makes it very difficult to properly inspect them from the ground. Using a drone to perform an inspection for a windmill or wind turbine is the most effective method. Drones can provide detailed images of the mechanics and the sleek blades to the operator in the ground. This keeps everyone involved safe. To schedule an aerial inspection of a windmill or wind turbine, get in touch with our specialists today! We are available seven days a week to take your call.

Windmill Monitoring via Drone

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