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Aerial Mapping with Drones: An Overview

Seeing the world from above has advantages. Ever since the invention of flight-from hot air balloons to planes-the view of the world has shifted. Having a view of land from above gives a person more perspective. Helicopters made it possible for humans to hover above the ground and map out the land below. Progressing further with technological advances, certain aircraft do not even require a pilot on board. This is known as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or drones. Drones provide advantages and are capable of mapping out a land. The benefits to this advancement are numerous.

Our Aerial Mapping Services

Flex Air Aviation provides the best aerial mapping services around. The benefits of using drones to capture images from above are vital in numerous circumstances. There is no better way to get a true bird’s eye view from above and gain a new insight from the land below. Drones work great whether it is used improving farming operations or helping with mining to minimize the human risk. Drones are also available to help in crisis situations, assisting in humanitarian aid. For wildlife preservation, drones are beneficial to track wildlife and not damage the environment. Flex Air Aviation is willing to help you with a drone, no matter what the situation is. Flex Air Aviation’s aerial mapping teams are more than equipped. Our customer service team is waiting for your call today and willing to answer any of your questions and assist with your aerial mapping needs.

Let Technology Be Beneficial

Implementing the use of drones will help you on your way to success. A drone can see more than the people on the ground can, which makes it important to get a whole view. This can be vital in humanitarian situations. In farming situations, this is paramount because it saves unnecessary time scouting the area, and allowing attention to troublesome crop areas to increase a person’s yield. In wildlife situations, a drone can get closer than a human on the ground could and provide accurate data. In mining, a drone can help increase worker safety and decrease required manpower.

There is no reason to not give yourself the advantage of aerial mapping.

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Common Aerial Mapping Uses

Agriculture & Farming

Using a UAV for farming has multiple benefits. A drone can capture high quality images of any field and cover hundreds of acres on the field. It can scope out far more than a person can gather from being on the ground. The images a drone can capture have a greater resolution than satellite imagery. Shots of fields can be combined to produce a broader image that includes everything a person needs. An accurate, detailed map, can help cut costs and be advantageous to bolstering crop yields. It can highlight problem areas that require more care and observation. This means there is less time spent on the ground searching for problems and more time making the most out of your labor.

Mining Operations

Mines are dangerous places. Using a UAV can really keep workers safer. Instead of having to have humans scout out and survey the mine, an UAV can do it while keeping workers out of harm’s way. In addition, it will cut costs by requiring less time for staff to be on the mine site. Data a drone collects can increase the productivity in a mine. This data can also minimize downtime and drastically reduce labor costs associated with mining. Drones can cut down the time spent working on mining projects. Projects that took days or weeks can be done in hours.

Humanitarian Aid

Drones are also capable of assisting in a humanitarian crisis. From above, drones provide a more holistic view of areas requiring assistance. These visuals can be mapped out and distributed to ensure efforts are maximized. Getting aid workers—for whichever organization—a full and accurate visualization can be vital. Maps can make sure every worker has the most up to date and accurate information possible. In addition, drones can help either before or after disasters for comparison. The speed of a drone is helpful. This can also be beneficial when figuring out insurance claims. Flex Air Aviation would love to assist you in any of your humanitarian needs!

Ecological Preservation

Much like helicopter surveys that track wildlife, drones are capable of doing the same thing. Aerial images from drones can help keep track of animal populations to provide accurate data of wildlife. In addition, if there is land where preservation is key—such as heavily eroded areas—aerial surveillance is the best way to go to ensure no further damage to the wildlife occurs. Drones are efficient and often times cost effective when gathering data. No matter what data you are seeking, Flex Air Aviation is willing to work with you to get exactly what you need and help preserve wildlife in your area.

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