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Drone Aerial Photography and Video

Drones and UAVs are able to offer anybody looking for an amazing shot the perfect option. Consider adding spectacular aerial shots to your next production. With today’s need for high-end cinematography and the desire to capture dynamic images, Film and TV producers are turning to drones for the perfect shots. Our drones add a unique perspective to any production and are cost efficient. Improve your bottom line by avoiding the costly deployments of photographic equipment. The Federal Aviation Administration has placed restrictions on who can pilot drones and UAVs. Each and every one of our pilots is a licensed professional pilot by the FAA. These experienced experts are able to do amazing things with drones. Whatever type of shot you and your team are looking for, our pilots will be able to do it.

Drones Provide a New Perspective From Above

Drones are amazing in their ability to capture what we once thought we knew in a new way. A shot from above is the best way to gain a new perspective on anything. Drones and UAVs are able to go places that other cameras cannot. Traditional photography methods would require a team to set up an expensive and laborious set of scaffolding or a crane to get the shots from above. A drone is able to offer these same images in half the time and at half the cost. Drones and UAVs have been able to muddle the lines between professional and amatuer by making amazing pictures and videos so accessible. There is no better way to gain an edge in your project than with an amazing shot. One simple image or photo from above will go a long way in making your next venture the most amazing one yet.

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Our Aerial Photography and Video Services

There is truly only one option when it comes to employing a professional drone photography and video service, no matter what you may be looking for. Flex Air is able to offer a customizable experience that will check off every option you are looking for. We can make that promise because our business has established a communication oriented program. What that means for the customer is that you will never have to repeat a direction or reestablish what you need. With each reservation comes a personal service expert who will accompany a single customer throughout their experience. Our experts in customer service work alongside the team of pilots, photographers and editors in order to create an in sync experience. Our entire staff is in tune with one another and constantly communicating in order to offer the best services possible. Flex Air is the best choice for any aerial image capturing. Contact our customer support team today in order to find out more about the services we offer. Reach our staff at 1-800-615-9754 or fill out a contact form to get started.

Recent advances in technology give us the freedom to instantly share moments of our lives. The capture and sharing of photography, videography, and other multimedia has become commonplace. Professionals therefore, who produce and sell multimedia find it increasingly difficult to deliver a product that actually stands out. Our state of the art UAVs and drones combined with the top of the line video & photography technology provide our clients with breathtaking results. The experienced and dedicated team at Flex Air is ready to make your next project even better.

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