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Long Range Surveys - Your Land at A Glance

Land surveying is the technique of determining three-dimensional points and the distances and angles between them, and drones are a cost efficient and accurate way to get the job done. Land surveyors work with elements of physics and mathematics and use surveying software to obtain exact results. There are many reasons why long range surveys are conducted. Some of these include identifying legal boundaries for land ownership, mapping the effects of erosion on land, tracking changing elements, and planning for construction projects. Equipment used for surveying includes radios, drones, and 3D scanners. For many decades, surveying has been integral in the ongoing development of our environment.

Using Drones for Long Range Surveys Saves Time & Money

Flex Air Aviation offers long range drone surveying to large corporations and individual contractors. With the use of these devices, surveys are able to be completed in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Projects that would take weeks to execute can now be completed in a day. Data is processed with the utmost accuracy and in a moment’s notice. Equipment is extremely affordable, easy to maintain, and only requires a small team of experts. With the use of these essential tools, collected data, and highly professional software, surveying is now more accurate, efficient, and productive. The use of advanced tools and techniques means that there is less time spent on the ground and the safety conditions of surveyors are improved. With the help of UAVs, surveyors are able to improve their techniques and eliminate factors that can negatively affect the accuracy of data.

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Utilize the Best Pilots in the Industry

We only work with some of the most highly skilled professionals in the industry. Our drone/UAV pilots are efficient, assertive and come highly recommended. With the use of drones instead of the typical aircraft, surveying is more affordable. You can be confident in knowing that whatever drone facilitated need you have, our pilots are sure to deliver efficient results in a timely manner. Our trained pilots are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and are equipped with hours of aviation knowledge and continue to expand upon and perfect their craft. Being a long range survey pilot is not just a job. These are individuals pursuing their passion on a daily basis, who enjoy their career and helping others in the process. Call our experts and get your data collected and processed accurately. Every coordinate and shot gathered by our team is carefully configured and considered. So don’t waste any more time - you are in the best possible hands with Flex Air Aviation!

Flex Air Aviation Long Range Land Surveys

Drones are the Best Option to Survey Your Land

With the latest advancements in technology, drones and other UAVs provide survey teams the opportunity to perform a long range survey in half the time, as well as a fraction of the original cost. Traditional methods may be useful, however, a drone is able to provide accurate results and is proven to be more precise than any other method. With the data collected on a daily basis, surveyors are able to use computer software to detect inaccurate factors and generate precise data that enables your business running smoothly. In the event that a survey needs to be conducted over a large space or in difficult to reach areas, a drone will assist in collecting information with no problems. No other tool in the industry can compare to the camera capabilities of a drone and the data processing time, which is expeditious. A drone is able to gather data in a matter of minutes, a process that originally took weeks. Our team has acquired geo-referenced digital aerial images with resolutions as sharp as 1.5 cm (0.6 in) per pixel. Flex Air Aviation has the certified drone pilots, ground crew, tools, and techniques to take care of any service requested by our customers.

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