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Drone Real Estate Photography

The world of commercial and personal real estate has never been more cut throat than it is today. The internet allows for Joe in Cleveland to search for thousands of homes in San Diego. With the click of a button, he can be catching rays of sunshine in no time. There has never been a time where amazing photographs of a property were more important. Without an eye catching shot your property is just another flash in the pan. You already know the property is amazing, but Cleveland Joe will have no idea without a fantastic aerial image of the home.

The Best Real Estate Photos are From Drones

Flex Air is ready to produce stunning high resolution aerial photos shot from low to high elevations. These amazing images will be able to truly showcase your listing in a way no other photo or descriptor ever could. We have a professional team, from pilots to editors, so you can rest assured that your property listing is in the best possible hands with the Flex Air drone services team.

Flex Air knows that aerial photos help distinguish commercial listings. A great shot from above helps sell the property faster giving the seller and agent more profit. Our aerial photos highlight the features of a property. Realtors have come to count on us to provide images that get their listings sold.

Our drone pilots and aerial photography team takes the time to understand the layout of the property beforehand. The team will shoot the photographs when the sun is in the ideal position. For example, a house that faces east needs to be photographed in the morning. If you also want to see sunlit views of the back of the house, we will fly again in the afternoon to capture additional images.

Flex Air offers a variety of services that are entirely customizable. There are times when we can showcase a house in one view. However, we take a variety of aerial photos and videos to market your property. We will take higher views to show the neighborhood as well as close-up views to show a home’s details. Flex Air’s images are sure to help realtors sell homes faster. There is no better way to show off everything that a property is than an all encompassing aerial shot of the property.

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Capture the Entire Property with an Aerial Video

This is essential to getting top dollar for all real estate. Spectacular aerial video shot in super high definition by professionally trained cinematographers. There is really no better way to increase the potential for getting the sale than an amazing aerial video. The professional editing team at Flex Air will showcase every unique aspect of the property and surrounding area. In a quick video, you can make potential buyers feel as though they have just completed the most amazing property tour. Flex Air aerial drone videos are sure to increase sales for your real estate venture!

Our Customer Service is the Best in the Business

Both commercial and private real estate have become more and more accessible over the past decade. With a greater number of homes being sold by the owner and small capitalists than ever before, homes are easier to come by. Flex Air customer service team is ready to help even the rookie real estate agents in their efforts to sell a property. If you are unsure as to how to best approach a photoshoot, Flex Air is the best option. Our customer service team will walk you through the process even before the day of the shoot. We know exactly what a customer is going to be looking for in a photo or video preview. We will get your property sold.

This shift in real estate has also created a better market for individual buyers. There are more customers opting to privately search for a property than ever before. The online marketplace is difficult to maneuver though. The fact is that there is a need to distinguish yourself when dealing with people who have never bought a home or land before. Real estate agents everywhere are getting their attention and selling properties with the help of aerial photos and videos. There is no better eye catching option than a comprehensive shot. It is sure to stand out from the crowd. There is no greater advantage in the industry of real estate than an amazing profile picture. Call Flex Air customer service team today to learn about all of our aerial real estate services.

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