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Stockpile & Inventory Surveys

Stockpile and Inventory Surveys, when conducted by our Flex Air Aviation drones, are cost-efficient and fast. Our Survey Services serve many industries including mining, construction, civil contractors and oil and gas. When drones conduct these services, the companies served save significant money and time. In addition, drones help prevent serious injuries by negating the need for people to physically access these stockpiles, which can present themselves as highly dangerous situations. When safety concerns are lessened, companies also save money on insurance costs. It’s easy to see that drones are an efficient and cost-effective technology for stockpile and inventory Surveys. A conversation with a Flex Air Aviation customer service representative will result in smoother business operations and sophisticated solutions for you.

Drones Provide Efficiency & Functionality

Drones are far more functional than manned aircraft for providing countless solutions for businesses within a variety of industries. Fast and cost-efficient, they fly below cloud level and can access narrow infrastructures,--unlike other aircraft. Drones are perfectly suited for efficiently carrying out tasks such as aerial mapping, long-range surveys and 3D modeling & photogrammetry.

Drones are also functional in situations where humanitarian aid is needed. They assess the scenario, providing the necessary information for those who send in personnel, medicine and other forms of aid. They are capable of providing far better imagery of the situation than satellites. Our affiliated drone pilots are trained by Federal Aviation Administration Certified Flight Instructors, so we have the best pilots in the business. They are certified to fly anywhere within US national airspace. Our fleet of drones is modern and innovative, with each one designed to best carry out the services your business needs.

Contact Flex Air Aviation to see how our Drone Services can work for you. The functionality in itself is reason enough to pursue this path. The results drones provide will more than convince you that this technology is the right choice. Speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives today.

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Flex Air Aviation Drone Services Provide Solutions

At Flex Air Aviation, you’ll find nothing but the best in drones and Drone Services. We meet or exceed all industry standards when providing you with our Drone Solutions. From the moment you call to speak with one of our customer service representatives, you’ll be in the very best of hands. Simply explain to them your business needs, and you’ll be on your way to quickly and effectively crossing those jobs off your to-do list. Drones aren’t new. In fact, several industries have been utilizing them for a variety of services for years now. Flex Air Aviation has a reputation that speaks for itself. If you want to hire the very best in the business, call us today.

Popular Flex Air Aviation UAV & Drone Services

Aerial Mapping

Flex Air Aviation aerial mapping services provide businesses with the perfect views from the air. Our drone images are more than pictures, however. Our drones actually dissect the images they take and use them to compare and contrast with those taken both earlier or later. They detect changes the naked eye can’t often see. Our aerial mapping services benefit environmental companies, miners, farmers, and those providing humanitarian aid. This externally sourced imagery saves human effort and money, not to mention time. Since drones can conduct these services regardless of cloud cover, there’s never a question that the scheduled job will be completed.

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3D Modeling & Photogrammetry

Flex Air Aviation drones provide exceptional 3D modeling & photogrammetry services for our clients. Those clients include people in the construction, utilities, oil & gas, engineering and resource management fields. Our drones survey spaces or areas for these businesses and create 3D models from the surveys. Drones make perfect sense for 3D modeling & photogrammetry services, as they save money, time and effort, and they help to create a dynamic model that provides significantly more information than regular photography.

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Long Range Surveys

Flex Air Aviation drones provide corporations, as well as individuals, with the very best in long-range surveys in a cost-effective manner. Using drones cuts down on the number of experts required. Drones will complete the job in significantly less time than piloted aircraft. Our Flex Air Aviation drone pilots are some of the best in the industry. Trained by Certified Flight Instructors from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), they have additional training in conducting long-range surveys. In addition to relying on our services, you can be assured your long-range survey is being conducted by the best in the business.

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