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Have you ever thought about becoming an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) pilot? Drone and UAV piloting has become a rapidly growing industry in recent years, and that means there’s a fast rising need for even more pilots. A wide range of businesses hire drones, so in a world where there’s less demand for commercial and private pilots, there’s a shortage of UAV pilots. That’s where you come in, and you’ve arrived at the perfect place.

Flex Air Aviation is excited to provide you with everything you could possibly need to take that leap of faith and start a new career. Our UAV Pilot Training program is second to none, and will no doubt result in launching you straight into a whole new world. Our UAV Pilot Training program doesn’t require you to undergo a semester or two of education. In fact, the whole training program can usually be completed in a total of 42 hours.

Comprised of three phases, Flex Air Aviation’s UAV Pilot Training program starts with a combination of online training and simulated flight time. Following these phases, our trainees move into the third phase, which includes hands-on flight training. Whether you have flight training and are interested in the world of unmanned flight or you’re simply looking for a hobby, this training program is for you. If you’re looking at flying UAVs or drones as a career option, it’s for you, too. No matter what your goals may be, Flex Air Aviation will make sure you’re fully equipped to meet them with our comprehensive UAV Pilot Training program.

Phase One: Web-Based Ground School

The first phase in your Flex Air Aviation UAV Pilot Training Program is called ground school, and it takes place online. This is perfect for those with jobs and maybe even a family, as you may work at your own pace. So what does this initial phase entail? Flex Air Aviation ground school will teach you the history of drones and UAV flights. You’ll learn the fundamentals of the basic structure of all aircraft. You’ll study the principles of flight in both theory and practicum.

In addition, phase one will also include the basic design and construction of drones, as well as all unmanned aircraft. It will also feature Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and stipulations pertaining to UAVs/Drones. As you can see, there’s no drudgery in this training program. Flex Air Aviation concentrates solely on those steps that directly relate to your goal of becoming a drone pilot.

Phase Two: Welcome to Flight Simulation!

Phase two in Flex Air Aviation UAV Pilot Training program involves the use of a PC-based drone simulator. This is a step up from ground training, and a lot more exciting. After all, for those who’ve never flown any type of aircraft, this is their very first taste of piloting. Flex Air Aviation will ship the PC-based drone simulator software, as well as a drone controller, to your home or business. You’ll need to download the software and plug the controller into your PC’s USB port.

The software allows students to fly 47 UAVs/Drones from six different flight centers. The training will cover all rotary wing aircraft, as well as the basics of radio-controlled controllers. It also features the flight characteristics of an individual UAV. By the time you reach the end of this phase, you’ll be well versed in drones. But rest assured, the best is yet to come.

Final Phase: Hands-on Flight Training – You’re Almost There!

Phase three--the final phase--of the Flex Air Aviation UAV Pilot Training program is by far the most important--and the most exciting, too. This is where you’ll spend two days in the company of an FAA Certified Flight Instructor, piloting a drone. Once you’ve completed this phase, you’ll receive a certificate of completion, and will be ready to pilot a drone on your own.

In addition, you’ll be given an FAA Part 107 practice test. The Federal Aviation Administration requires anyone who wants to fly UAVs/Drones commercially to pass this mandated test. Should questions arise during any point of your Flex Air Aviation UAV Pilot Training, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service staff. Available seven days a week, they will answer any of the questions you may have. We’re proud of all facets of our Drone Services. We’re especially proud of the support our customer service representatives provide.

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In Depth Details of Drone Training Programs

FAA Part 107 Preperation

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the governing body for drones in the personal and commercial world. In order to confirm that pilots are skilled enough to operate UAV/Drones, the FAA requires them to pass the Part 107 test. The test is an assessment that standardizes who is and isn’t allowed to pilot a drone. Your practice test will be advantageous in helping you pass.

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Basic Pilot Training

If you’re looking at piloting a drone as a hobby or simply for your personal use, Flex Air Aviation’s Basic Pilot Training course is for you. You’ll learn the basic functions of UAVs/Drones, as well as the rules of flying them. Best of all, you can complete your Basic Pilot Training in just one day. You could be piloting your drone in just over 24 hours!

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Thermal & Infrared Operations

When you’ve passed the FAA Part 107 test, you’ll be certified to fly a drone after dark. That opens up the world of Thermal & Infrared Ops. When you pilot a drone using these capabilities, it’s like having night vision. Flex Air Aviation offers training so drone pilots can become proficient in Thermal & Infrared Ops. You’ll learn practical applications and thermal acquisition, too.

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UAV Moving Vehicle Operations

MVO training is yet another specialization for drone pilots to consider. Flex Air Aviation’s certification course is comprehensive, and includes everything pertaining to moving vehicle operations with regard to drones. Working in teams of two to four people, you operate UAVs and drones from within moving vehicles. This reduces operator fatigue and lets you transmit data faster. Increase your income potential with this training option.

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Starting Your Drone Business

Generate income by piloting drones. One way is to start your own drone-based business. Flex Air Aviation can help you start your business with our Individualized UAV Services. You could also become one of our affiliates -- we do all your marketing and web-based advertising for you. We also give you access to our enormous customer base. Start your business with confidence, with help from the best.

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