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Prepare For FAA Part 107 Testing

With such a rapid growth in the drone industry, especially in commercial use, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has mandated regulations for individuals operating drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The most important aspect of the new regulations is that to operate drones in a commercial capacity in US National Airspace, an operator must pass the FAA Part 107 Test. Flex Air Aviation offers a comprehensive preparatory course that covers each aspect of the test material and ensures a solid understanding for each student. We don’t merely prepare you to pass the test; our goal is to prepare all our students to be safe and proficient operators after they pass. With the insightful information taught by our veteran instructors, students in our FAA Part 107 Preparatory Course will have every advantage available for their success. We understand that every student needs individualized attention and deliver our courses to accommodate that.

Drone Operations

Numerous aspects set drone operations apart from traditional aviation piloting. The first and most obvious difference is that you, the operator, will be separated from the aircraft during flight. This poses challenges and drastically changes the manner through which operations takes place. The ability to read, understand, and make actionable decisions based on data that is sent down from the unit itself is paramount to safely and purposefully piloting a drone. The section of our course that covers the actual operation and interpretation of data from the drone will allow you to become the best pilot you can be without overloading your mind.

We have designed our program and curriculum specifically to aid students in passing the FAA Part 107 Test. You should know that just because you complete our preparation course doesn’t mean that you will automatically pass the FAA test. This is similar to the way that many people finish law school but passing the Bar exam is a much more difficult task. However, we stand by our claim that our course provides you with everything you need to know in order to pass the test. What you do with the information is up to you.

We deliver the content of our curriculum in a manner that has been proven to reach several types of learning styles and abilities, giving all our students the best chance possible to pass the test. Please note that our main goal is to cultivate quality drone pilots and we do not simply ‘teach to the test’. Our program will provide you with all of the information in the most user-friendly manner out there and we are confident that you will succeed with Flex Air Aviation training. If you have any questions regarding our training programs, please contact a customer service representative at 1-800-615-9754 today!

Course Breakdown For Testing

We have numerous experts working with us who have studied the FAA Part 107 Test inside and out. Not only have they studied the test extensively but they have also passed it, so they know what it takes to succeed. There are six general sections on the test, and even though the delineation of the sections is not readily apparent, the best way to pass is to understand these areas. The curriculum that we have designed will enable you to dissect all of the most important information that could easily be overwhelming when approached on your own.

FAA Part 107 Preparation

New FAA Regulations

Numerous FAA regulations have been added to the books over the past several years regarding drone and UAV usage. These regulations ensure that drones are operated safely and by qualified pilots. The regulations are actually helpful to drone pilots as they allow more streamlined piloting practices. To pass the FAA test, you must have a full understanding of what is allowed when piloting drones, and you must also have a solid grasp on who is allowed to pilot a drone. We will cover everything relevant to the FAA rules and regulations surrounding drone operation so that you will be able to pass the test with flying colors. From there, you will be in the driver's seat, as it were, and ready to succeed!

FAA Part 107 Preparation

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What You’ll Learn about Drones

FAA Part 107 Preparation

Drones and Airspace

During this section of our instruction program, we explain to our students exactly what is permissible in drone airspace. Boundaries of what can and can’t be done are necessary to keep everyone safe in the skies. After completing this part of our course, you will be knowledgeable and informed regarding FAA airspace regulations for drone piloting. There seems to be an ever-changing environment around regulations in this industry, so we stay on top of current information to keep everyone as safe as possible. Our goal is to keep our students as informed as possible with the most relevant information.

FAA Part 107 Preparation

Drones and Weather

Weather plays a strategic and important role in safe flight for all aircraft. Because drones are typically smaller than traditional aircraft, they are often more susceptible to changing weather conditions. There is a wealth of information provided by the FAA about acceptable weather conditions in which to operate a drone. It’s important to have this knowledge as it ensures the safety of your equipment as well as everyone else who is in the sky with you. It can be terrible to lose expensive equipment because you are ill prepared. Understanding and anticipating weather conditions is key to successful drone piloting.

FAA Part 107 Preparation

Drone Loading and Performance

The drone loading and performance module is just as necessary as any of the other sections. Several aspects make drones unique when compared to fixed wing aircraft. A drone pilot needs to understand how to choose flight paths and angles to maximize everything from their data collection to their total time in flight. Different aerodynamics also play a part in setting drones in a separate category of operation from other aircraft. This area of the course will cover everything that the FAA needs you to know in order to pass the Part 107 test when considering drone loading and performance.

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