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We offer helicopter services for any size business, as well as personal use.

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Taking to the skies has never been easier, thanks to the vast array of helicopter services available! No matter your aerial requisite: aerial pipeline inspections, heavy lifting services, helicopter rentals and helicopter rides, our partners take great care to deliver on their promises. This means that their services are available to you, year round and regardless of most inclement weather conditions. Our affiliate’s pilots are well trained in aerial maneuvers and the safety measures necessary to ensure a safe service execution and landing.

The most common service requests are listed below. These services are the most often inquired after and include skycrane air lifts, utility inspection and surveys, energy resource transport and exclusive professional charters. If you do not see the particular service you are in need of at first glance, feel free to contact our agents to get detailed information about the vast array of options available to you. We guarantee we can arrange the service to fulfill your helicopter needs!

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Exclusive Business Helicopter Services

Exclusive Business Helicopter Services

Speedy Airport Pick Ups -  Helicopter Charters

Speedy Airport Pick Ups

Need to get from one airport terminal to another quickly? Avoid headaches and delays with a luxury helicopter charter or helicopter rental for your next airport transfer!

Wedding Helicopter Charters

Entertain Clients in Style

If you are looking to impress important clients in hopes of closing a deal, entertain them luxuriously on an exclusive helicopter rental or executive charter!

Executive Charters -  Helicopter Charters

Executive Charters

We offer executive helicopter charters for you and your partners to have the ability to skip airport traffic and arrive to your next meeting on time, and in style!

Hotel Transportation -  Helicopter Charters

Hotel Transportation

Our vendor partners seek to provide the most exclusive helicopter services. They provide point to point transport for you and your belongings comfortably and stylishly!

Professional Helicopter Services Available at the Click of a Button

Flex Air Aviation’s Helicopter Tours


Aerial Views

See where you live or a neighboring city like never before! Our City and Town Tours will give you a distinct vantage point that you are not likely to forget.


Tourist Attractions

Landmarks across the country are begging to be viewed from the air! Check their spectacular beauty from the air in one of our Flex Air Aviation Helicopters!



Touring popular cities and remote locations tends to be irksome when there are a lot of traffic jams. Flex Air Aviation cuts through all of those wait times with our Helicopter Services, taking your sightseeing vacation to a whole new level!

Specialty Helicopter Services

Specialty Helicopter Services

Aerial Filming and Photography

Aerial Filming & Photography

Imagery is the most profound way to freeze an unforgettable moment in time for all eternity. Films and photos serve multiple purposes, as benchmarks, to provide evidentiary proof, or to simply entertain, regardless, our affiliate’s aerial filming and photography helicopter services can serve to help in these pursuits.

Wedding Helicopter Charters

Celebration Packages

Wedding planners are in charge of making "that special day" the best it can possibly be. Our wedding helicopter charters are a perfect suggestion for your next wedding event and will allow the newly-weds to arrive and/or depart from their wedding venue in absolute luxury.

Heavy Lifting Helicopters

Heavy Lift "Air Cranes"

Leave the heavy lifting to one of our affiliate’s aerial cranes or heavy lift helicopters. These aircraft are capable of lifting massive amounts safely and transporting to or placing with precision! Contact us to organize access to helicopter rentals to be used for construction or conveyance today!

Agricultural Helicopter Services


Rely on our partner’s to lend a helping hand with all of your aerial agricultural needs. We provide access to the most ideal helicopter service necessary to protect your land from pests by crop dusting or whatever mother nature decides to dish out!

Aerial Relief Support

Emergency Situations -  Helicopter Charters

In an unforeseen emergency you can count on the rapid response of our partner’s relief support helicopter services. Their Emergency Services aircraft are ready to take flight at a moment’s notice and will work hard to serve the needs of the communities, individuals and organizations that call upon them with respect and discretion.

Freight Delivery and Transport

Helicopter Freight Services -  Helicopter Charters

Increase the ETA of your cargo tenfold when you elect to convey it by helicopter. Conventional modes of freight conveyance are sluggish and difficult to access for unloading. Our vendors freight transport helicopter services are the consummate solution. Their aircraft are spacious, can lift weighty freight and objects and convey them with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Aerial Surveys and Inspections

Land Surveying via Helicopters -  Helicopter Charters

What do excavation sites, map making and crater impacts have in common? They are more accurately viewed from the elevated perspective of a helicopter! Contact our agents to get detail specific information about surveying, mapping and aerial inspection helicopter services to uncover the best possible solution for you!

Heli-Logging  -  Helicopter Charters


Pluck those trees right where they stand! With Heli-Logging helicopter services you can safely and effectively harvest timber and remove debris with little to no impact to surrounding structures or damage to the forest floor.

Sporting Event Helicopter Charters

Game Day Services

Can you envision a more impressive and epically cool way to arrive to a sporting event? We can arrange the most advantageous way for your team to get to the stadium via our affiliate’s game-day helicopter services and make sure you arrive in style!

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