Utilizing a Helicopter On Your Construction Site Allows You to Reach New Heights

Introduction to Construction Lift Helicopter Services

When taking on a massive project like building skyscrapers or lifting cumbersome freight, you’re often left with some rather unusual predicaments. Sometimes a stationary tower crane isn’t a feasibility when it comes to installation should the work area not be big enough to support such a structure. At times, in the case of freight logistics, there’s no easy way to lift objects with a standard forklift or boom lift. Usually, when left with the nearly impossible task of meeting deadlines and finishing a job, it takes an equally unique work solution to provide support to your project.

For the focus-minded professional, consider utilizing the services of a crane helicopter or construction lift helicopter. By way of a specialized helicopter, almost any type of material can be air lifted and placed in areas difficult to access by normal conventional lifting vehicles. No need to contract a tower crane crew to maintain a stationary object when you can pick and choose when, where, and how your freight can be delivered to your customer. We provide the opportunity to work with highly trained professional construction helicopter facilitators with years of experience in the field of construction.

Variety in Construction Helicopter Service

When electing to use a construction helicopter service for your future project needs, consideration needs to be made concerning the type of freight to be airlifted and the scope of the project itself. With that in mind, there are a large array of helicopters to choose from. Highly prolific aeronautical companies like Sikorsky and Bell are renown for designing utility aircraft for multiple purposes. If you’re looking to carry heavy equipment, specialized helicopters usually referred to as aerial cranes or crane helicopters are a sure bet when moving construction equipment and materials.

Helicopter models such as the Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane are designed to provide optimal performance and durability in the most daunting of environments. The aircraft’s open belly design allows for the twin engine marvel to carry an abundance of weight at high elevations that would prove tasking to stationary tower cranes. Conversely, a Boeing CH-47 Chinook, with its twin rotor setup, is capable of performing tasks such as vehicle transport and logistics.

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Unique Qualities for Unique Customers

These helicopters, whether modified variants of military models or of original design, are recognized the world over for their amplified ability to perform within a plethora of scenarios. While most would consider construction support as its mainstay, these helicopters have provided the backbone in industries such as emergency services and commercial transportation.

For instance, during emergency fire and rescue missions along the east coast, these helicopters would air lift firefighters and equipment over vast distances that would prove too dangerous to traverse with ground transport. They’ve also been used to deliver fire control support by spraying the ground on treacherous terrain.

Medevac services have been implemented in the case of flood and hurricane victims that were left stranded in their homes with little to no hope of recovery. Search and rescue efforts were also conducted from these type of aerial machines to give overhead analysis when locating someone displaced by storm or surge.

When a delivery truck isn’t able to scale a summit or creep along dangerous roads, aerial cranes have provided freight delivery in a timely and hasty fashion. At times, they’ve even been utilized for recreation and leisure.

Skydiving and base jumping from a near levitating aircraft allows clients to experience these high stakes thrills from areas that planes would have difficulty navigating, such as mountain ranges and canyons, to allow for optimal entertainment without the hassle and restrictions of fixed wing aircraft.

Bottom line, these marvelous flying machines have provided support, comfort, convenience and entertainment to many a customer for the better party of six decades. The sky is literally the limit with regard to the possibilities of project completion through the means of construction helicopter and helicopter crane services. When you elect to book construction helicopter services through Flex Air Aviation, you’re placing your requests within capable hands with years of experience in a variety of industries. Should you wish to experience the ease of use and flexibility of construction helicopter services, there’s no better option than to elect Flex Air Aviation to provide the resources to accomplish your tasks!

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