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Mix Business with Pleasure with a Corporate Helicopter!

Corporate helicopters offer unparalleled convenience and comfort when it comes to getting you where you need to be, entertaining clients, or simply taking your Monday morning meeting a step further. This professional service enables you to travel with flexibility, speed and landing right on the doorstep of your destination. Through a professional and error-free flight preparation processes, the journey can be arranged in just a few hours, thus perfectly accommodating sudden changes in tight executive schedules.

When flying with a Flex Air Aviation affiliate, all your needs will be taken care of by your professional account manager. Need a transfer during your business trip from the hotel to the airport? We’ve got it covered. On your way to the airport, you receive a call about an emergency meeting what happens then? Our affiliated network of helicopter providers is flight ready and available to take you anywhere, anytime!

When it comes to corporate travel, convenience, accessibility, and speed are very important factors. Many corporations charter helicopters to bring their executives to and from their location to subsidiary locations as well as plants and business meetings out of town. Helicopters provide a comfort and convenience for these trips as well as the speed needed to get their very important associates to where they need to be.

Flex Air Aviation provides access to hundreds of independent helicopter pilots and facilities to make sure that there is a helicopter accessible to you wherever you are. If you are in need of acorporate helicopter to transport your executives or clients in comfort, then contact us to customize your individual charter.

Let Us Help You Save Time & Money With A Corporate Helicopter Charter

Businesses don’t just run on revenue, they run on time as well. In today’s growing economy it is imperative to not only conduct business in person but also to do so in a way that is convenient for your clients and possible investors. So how do you make that trip to New York for business when you know you’re going to be stuck in traffic driving there? You charter a corporate helicopter.

With the affordable rates and customizable options on each chartered flight, your business trip can take much less time and in turn saving you money. Not to mention, chartering a flight for business is the best way to feel comfortable and get some work done on your way to your destination.

Need to have an investor or partner see the new offices you are building? What about checking on an area for possible development plans? Charter a helicopter and both of these, as well as a myriad of other solutions, can be achieved in the air!

  • We have a vast network of independent helicopter partners to reserve a corporate charter with, both locally and regionally

  • Private check-ins allow you to skip the long lines and wait times, allowing you to your destination, faster

  • We can have a professional helicopter charter reserved and ready to take off in as little as 2 hours

  • Full in-flight and scheduling service allows you to sit back and enjoy yourself while flying to your destination

  • Flexibility and professionalism, allowing every requirement or request you have to become reality

Airport Transfer

Be On Time, Always

Tight business schedules require quick reaction times and the ability to change plans whenever necessary. Unfortunately, with airports mostly located no less than an hour’s drive through traffic jam ridden city routes, conventional taxi service is often ill equipped for the task. With an airport transfer on one of our corporate charters, you’ll have the ability to skip the traffic, brush up on some key notes and make it to the meeting, dinner or other engagement early!

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Travel with Speed and Style

We’ve all been there, having to entertain out of town business guests, investors or potential clients. Sometimes a dinner reservation will work enough magic to dazzle them, other times, you will need to go above and beyond the call of duty. That’s where we come in. Wow them with a unique view of the building they are investing in, or your knowledge of the city. You want to make an impact, and an entertaining helicopter charter will do just that.

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Executive Charters

Suited to Fit Your Business Needs

With years of experience in the industry, we’ve learned to pinpoint the needs of our clients precisely. Traveling to multiple locations in one day, hard to access destinations, providing rapid transfers in tight schedules and making quick adjustments according to sudden changes in plans are our specialty. For Private Helicopter Charters, Executive Flights, and excellence in the pursuit of meeting your specific needs while you focus solely on your business plans, speak to a personal Flex Air Aviation Representative.

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Hotel Pickup & Dropoff

Make Every Part of Vacation Luxurious

When planning the perfect vacation, we all tend to choose the best for ourselves. A splendid hotel with all the amenities you could ask for and perfect service is a great way to treat yourself to the rest and peace you need. But why ruin your perfect getaway with subpar transportation? Going in and out of the city to the airport or points of interest can take hours on end, chewing away that precious time you’ve deliberately freed up to enjoy - not waste in traffic.

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