Never miss a flight with Helicopter Airport Transfers! Call 1-800-615-9754!


Never miss a flight with Helicopter Airport Transfers! Call 1-800-615-9754!

Be On Time... Always.

Tight schedules require quick reaction times and the ability to change plans whenever necessary. Unfortunately, with airports mostly located no less than an hour’s drive through traffic jam ridden city routes, conventional taxi service is often ill equipped for the task. With helicopter airport transfers, you’ll enjoy being the master of your time. Come and go as you please, and never miss a flight again by getting there quickly and with style. No more lengthy check-in queues or tedious security procedures amounting to countless hours spent at the airport.

Arrive with Style

In business, making a lasting first impression is often half of the deal. Nothing showcases more style and commands more respect than a flashy entry in a private helicopter. In addition to never missing a minute of a meeting ever again, a helicopter airport transfer shows that you take your commitments seriously, and make sure that important meetings deserve special treatment. Land at the nearest helipad or on private property where space permits and step out from a comfortable top-class ride fully refreshed and ready to take on the world. Our Affiliate Helicopter Service will take you right to the doorstep, in record time and in full comfort of a private vehicle with every amenity you may require. Unlike car transit, this airport transport provides record-time arrivals to and from airports, and provides the full convenience of privacy and professional service while on the way. And let’s face it – arriving in a helicopter says much more about the way you do business than any other form of airport transfer.

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Never Again be at the Mercy of Traffic...

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Traveling from an airport in the outskirts of a city to the business centers downtown in a cab is a game of chance that relies solely on luck. Horrid traffic congestion and roadway maintenance can chew away hours of your precious time, making you miss your appointments and turning the transfer into a stress-ridden and nerve wracking ordeal. As a result, you’ll often arrive to meetings exhausted and irritated, with the energy you had reserved for business having been sucked out by the transfer itself.

Helicopter Airport Transfer
Helicopter Airport Transfer

With Flex Air Aviation’s access to helicopter airport transfer services, however, no traffic jam can ever get in your way. Flying to and from an airport in a helicopter is quick and easy, and never affected by construction work, daily congestion or traffic accidents. You’ll be flying high above bottlenecks and traffic jams, arriving to any location in the city in record time.

Don’t spend time and energy on traffic, when you can arrive at your destination in record time, in relative comfort and stress-free. Never miss a flight or a meeting, and always arrive fresh and ready for action with personalized airport transport!

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