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Helicopter Charters Suited to All of Your Personal and Business Needs

With years of experience in the industry, we’ve learned to pinpoint the requisites of our clients precisely. Traveling to multiple locations in one day, hard to access destinations, providing rapid transfers in tight schedules and making quick adjustments according to sudden changes in plan are our bread and butter. With a proven customer satisfaction track record, we can arrange the best possible helicopter transport tailored to suit your needs. Whether it’s for important meetings, quick transfers, aerial surveys or entertainment, we’ll put together an executive helicopter charter that lets you take care of it quickly and easily.

By paying attention to detail – be it flight plan or the amenities offered on board – your wish is our affiliate's command. A personal account manager will make every effort to secure information particular to your flight to ensure their luxury helicopters will exceed your expectations.

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  • Our Private Helicopter Network Exceeds the Limits

    Flex Air Aviation’s ever expanding network has a vast array of affiliates locally, regionally and nationwide.

  • Fly with Little to No Notice

    We strive to arrange your executive helicopter charter quickly. Depart within as little as 2 hours notice.

  • Dedicated Helicopter Experts

    We have a dedicated team that is ready to organize your helicopter charter, personally. Contact them for anything and everything.

  • Around the Clock Availability

    We are available seven days per week in order to assist you with your helicopter charter needs. You can rely on us to be available when you need us.

  • Luxury Helicopters Available

    We understand that certain amenities for your helicopter charter can make or break your decision to fly with us. We will do our best to grant each and every request you may have.

Executive Helicopter ChartersExecutive Helicopter Charters

Your Safety and Privacy is Always in Mind

By listening to our clients needs and feedback from helicopter flights over the years, we’ve put together a comprehensive procedural guideline for all our private helicopter flights. Our network of trusted and experienced affiliates is comprised solely of the best in the industry. This is the result of making your safety the highest priority, ensuring that affiliates respond to all situations accordingly, and provide the best experience to you.

In addition to that, our partner’s place in highest regard the client’s’ privacy and security. The personal account manager will schedule the flight according to your specific needs. The flight will be completely exclusive and discretionary relieving you from troubling press presence or sensitive information about your travel plans being put in the wrong hands.

We take Time Sensitivity Seriously

Your time is as precious to us as it is to you. That’s why we schedule and plan your flight to be as rapid and efficient as possible. Starting with quick processing at your private check-in, the aircraft is ready to depart in a matter of minutes, transporting you to your destination in less time than traditional modes of transport. With executive helicopter charters, you will never be late for a meeting, or miss an appointment ever again. We can help to cut the time spent traveling in half.

Executive Helicopter Charter Solutions for Personal or Business
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