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Customizable Helicopter Charters
In Decatur, Georgia

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Fly with the best in Decatur, Georgia!

We are incredibly proud to be considered not only the top provider of helicopter services in the area, but one of the best in the nation. The fact is that we have reached this level through high standards in the equipment we use and the people who use it.

Flex Air Aviation Helicopters Decatur has been built with careful precision. These pilots are highly trained and ready to tackle any task. They are able to fly some of the best helicopters in the industry in order to perform their jobs with precision and efficiency.

Whether you are searching for a chartered ride to the ball game or have a heavy helicopter lift operation, Flex Air Aviation Helicopters Decatur has the tools for the job. We pride ourselves on having a wide variety of offerings while still being able to maintain the highest level of excellence. We will work with you to create a custom plan of attack to handle your helicopter needs.

All the helicopters you need…

Decatur Helicopter Charters - Executive Helicopter Charters Decatur

Executive Helicopter Charters

If you are looking for the best transportation service, you are in the right place. Our helicopters are able to get you from point A to point B with unmatched speed and efficiency. A chartered flight is the most comfortable means of travel. Learn more today…

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Decatur Helicopter Charters - Sightseeing Helicopter Tours in Decatur

Sightseeing Tours

If you are looking to explore all that the Decatur area has to offer, there is no better way to do it than in a chartered helicopter. From high above you will be able to see all that there is to see in this amazing region. Get into the skies above Decatur today! Learn here…

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Decatur Helicopter Charters - Heavy Lift Helicopters in Decatur, Georgia

Heavy Lifting Services

Our diverse fleet of helicopters is ready to handle your heavy helicopter lift operation. We have the tools and experience that is going to be able to perform whatever job you have in store. Our pilots are highly trained in order to perform air crane services. Find out more…

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Decatur Helicopter Charters - Aerial Filming and Photography in Decatur, Georgia

Aerial Filming and Photography

The perfect shot sometimes requires photographers to go to great lengths. If you are looking to the skies a helicopter is ready to take you up. Our pilots will help you find the perfect spot and are able to steady the craft with the best of them. Learn how…

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Decatur Helicopter Charters - Land and Wildlife Surveys in Decatur, Georgia

Land/Wildlife Surveys

Helicopters are uniquely able to fly at amazing speeds while remaining incredibly maneuverable. If you have large areas of land that need a shot from above, our pilots are ready to take you up. From high above you will be able to view it all. Find out more…

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Decatur Helicopter Charters - Agricultural Helicopter Charters in Decatur, Georgia

Agricultural Charters

Helicopters are on the cutting edge of agricultural technology by utilizing aerial irrigation and seeding techniques. The farming and agriculture industry requires you to remain innovative. We have the tools and experience to help. Learn more here.

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Take Flight in Decatur With Flex Air Aviation!

If you live in Georgia, you will be pleased to know that Flex Air Aviation Helicopters Decatur provides helicopter charters in your state. We offer a wide variety of services so that everybody can find exactly what they need here. No matter if you need a helicopter for carrying something heavy or you need to travel with a few other people, we have different models to suit any requirements. When organizing each charter, Flex Air Aviation Helicopters Decatur concentrates on providing the best possible experience, with the main focus on your comfort and safety.

To find out more about this, as well as learn general information about any of our services that interest you in Decatur, Georgia, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Our qualified customer service experts will be happy to answer any questions you have anytime between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. We are waiting for your call!

See the most beautiful side of Decatur!

There are a wide variety of different helicopter service companies in the greater Decatur area. Only one is able to provide you with a level of excellence and experience Flex Air Aviation Helicopters Decatur. We have been providing helicopter charters and performing airborne services for a long time. By maintaining only the highest of standards across our team of pilots and service members we have been able to continue to be the best in the Decatur region.

Our offerings have been able to expand into all things helicopter service. Have a need for lift operation in an emergency situation? Trying to find a way to remove large amounts of lumber without disturbing the area? Flex Air Aviation Helicopters Decatur is able to tackle a wide variety of different tasks. We have a fleet of helicopters available in our fleet in order to perform a great many jobs. Moreover, our pilots are highly trained and possess the experience to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Enjoy sightseeing in Decatur, Georgia to the fullest!
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Executive Helicopter Charters Provide Ultimate Comfort

Decatur Helicopter Charters - Executive Helicopter Charters in Decatur, Georgia
Executive Helicopter Charters in Decatur, GA

Among other services for individuals and businesses, we offer Executive Helicopter Charters in Decatur, Georgia. This is our way of people save time on travel. If you often find yourself having difficulty arriving at meetings on time, you definitely need to rethink your transportation choices. With Flex Air Aviation Helicopters Decatur, you can start using a private helicopter for executive meetings.

Not only does it make a statement about your status, but it ensures comfortable and fast air transportation when you need it the most. Whenever you have an important meeting, you can order a charter in Decatur to get to the location in minimum time, such as when you fly with us we eliminate airport check lines due to a helicopters’ flexibility, verses regular planes, which don’t have to land only at airports. So a helicopter charter can minimize the extra step of getting from the airport to the meeting location by landing at the nearest helipad.

What’s more, the Executive Helicopter Charters are a more luxurious way to travel than any other. Where else would you have a whole flight crew serving just you and your party? Their sole focus is on making sure you are comfortable, because there are no other passengers on board.

Another big advantage of Flex Air Aviation’s Executive Helicopter Charters is complete security and discretion. If you are a VIP who often gets recognized and stopped by strangers in the streets, you may be concerned about privacy. We will make sure you are not interrupted by anyone when flying – you can have all the quiet and calm you need to concentrate on work or getting some rest.

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Exceptionally useful Helicopter Lifts by Flex Air Aviation in Georgia

Decatur Helicopter Charters - Decatur Heavy Lifting Helicopters
Decatur Heavy Lifting Helicopters

Helicopter Lifts are available to help with projects where heavy goods need to be transported fast. Many choose this service when they can’t use a conventional ground crane to accomplish their task. For example, in the areas that are too difficult to access by any traditional transport, a helicopter can still operate easily – and you can use this to your advantage! Especially when your goods are located on rugged terrain or in the mountains, you don’t have much choice but to use aerial transportation. Don’t hesitate to order a Helicopter Lift in Decatur, Georgia – where cranes, trucks or manpower just won’t get the job done.

Air cranes are your best choice at building sites. They can transport a massive amount of material for construction without breaking a sweat – efficiently and safely. Another use of a sky crane is for transportation of heavy machinery. It is especially helpful to have access to a Helicopter Lift when you need to move machines which can’t be deconstructed (moved piece by piece), and then assembled again. The military industry needs air cranes often when they require transportation of armor and machinery. Also, loggers benefit from Helicopter Lifts tremendously. It’s a lot easier and much more time efficient to transport cut trees with the help of a helicopter, rather than using ground transport or manpower for it.

Regardless of the purpose for which you need a sky crane in Decatur, Georgia, we will make sure your goods are moved with maximum safety and efficiency.

Our aircraft for Helicopter Lift services

We have plenty of helicopters available in Georgia and all over the U.S. to provide Helicopter Lifts in different environments, for different goods. Columbia is a well-known and established manufacturer of helicopters – here are more specifics about their choppers that we utilize.

These helicopters are made for heavy lifting. Columbia CH-47D, for example, reaches maximum gross weight of 50,000 pounds, and its hook weight is 26,000 pounds. Its speed is 130 knots and it consumes 329 gallons of fuel per hour. For transporting smaller weights, Columbia Vertol 107-II works better. It requires less fuel to work – only 170 gallons per hour – but the lifting capacity of this model is a bit lower, too – its maximum hook weight is 10,000 pounds. Columbia 234 LR is the middle ground between the two helis above. However, its fuel consumption is higher than that of Columbia CH-47D – it can reach 400 gallons per hour, with 20,000 pounds hook weight.

As you can see, our affiliate’s fleet offers a wide variety of helicopters to help you with any job. There are so many available that we are sure to find the one that serves you best!

Advantages of Helicopter Lifts compared to ground cranes

Helicopter Lifts are the ideal solution for the problem of transporting out of the ordinary goods, for example ones that have a non-standard shape. Another common reason people opt for air cranes, rather than regular ground ones, is because they allow you to reach remote areas and territories that are not easily accessible by normal transport. Helicopter lifts offer better features and therefore, better service: they are safe, effective, precise, and the fact that they are more cost effective, is the cherry on the cake.

Sky cranes are a safe and efficient way to transport heavy loads in specialist fields, like military or construction. In these industries, materials, machines and equipment often need to be moved, but it is too difficult or time consuming to complete the task with ground cranes only. Helicopter Lifts can be ordered by individuals, too – this service is not provided exclusively for organizations. People sometimes hire an air crane to help them move a large vehicle, such as a truck or a heavy van. Helicopters can also be used in humanitarian and rescue missions, where something massive needs to be retrieved from the water or dense forests.

Helicopter Lifts in Decatur, Georgia can help you save time and money, because they reduce the risks associated with transporting potentially valuable loads over long distances. With a sky crane, whole structures, machinery, components and materials can be delivered straight from one location to another. On the contrary, with ground cranes, limitations usually apply to the distances and the lifting height. They combine maximum security with exceptional lifting capacity and unmatched time efficiency.

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Take a Tour of Decatur

Unforgettable Helicopter Tours

Decatur Helicopter Charters - Decatur Helicopter Tours and Rides

Apart from Helicopter Lifts and other services often used for business, Decatur Helicopter Charters by Flex Air Aviation also offers fun options for people who want to enjoy their time in Decatur, Georgia to the fullest. That is why we provide Helicopter Tours around the city, which allow you to cover all the attractions you want to see, in one day. Also, the way you will enjoy these sights will be completely new and different. For example, instead of just walking along the bank of the Tennessee River, you will get to see it magnificently stretching along the whole city, from a bird’s eye view.

Another big advantage of this service is its amazing flexibility. Though we do have predefined routes for tours around Decatur, Georgia, they can potentially be customized to suit your personal preferences. It may require paying an additional fee, but it will be worth it, because you will get to see exactly the sights you wanted to visit the most; think about bringing your friends aboard to enjoy this experience with you. With our affordable rates, the extra cost of bringing the people you love most with you, will be well worth it.

Finally, we saved best for last – you are free to book the time of your Helicopter Tour according to your own preferences! So, if you want to take in the magnificent views of Decatur, Georgia at sunset, like many people do, you can tell this choice to our friendly customer service agents when you’re booking the journey, and they will arrange a sunset cruise above the River City for you! Another great time to make the most out of your sightseeing experience is sunrise. During both these periods you can snap some amazing pictures, so the choice is up to you!

Get the Perfect Aerial Shot

High quality Aerial Filming and Photography

Decatur Helicopter Charters - Decatur, Georgia Aerial Filming and Photography

Whether you are acting on behalf of an organization or you’re working on a creative project of your own, and you need great footage or pictures of Decatur, Georgia, then Flex Air Aviation can help you. With our helicopter charters, you can arrange a photo shoot of the area from above. The aircraft in our affiliates’ fleet are very flexible, and they allow you to see the city from a new perspective, and then capture what you’re seeing with your camera. This is a unique opportunity for filmmakers, professional photographers, directors or any other creatives who want to include magnificent views of Decatur, Georgia in their project.

The way we assist you with making quality visuals for your creative endeavor is by organizing a helicopter charter on the day and time you choose. You can make the trip as long or as short as you like – depending on the amount of work you have planned for the day. There is no minimum – we just invite you aboard at the time you have chosen; after the flight, our Hobbs Meter, used for measuring the engine running time, will show the length of the flight, to a 10th of an hour. During your charter, you can express preferences regarding where and how high to fly, giving you all the shots needed for your project. The flight crew can even help you by removing the heli door so that you can use your camera more freely!

The greatest thing about using a helicopter for shooting, is the flexibility of this mode of transportation – you can cover a large territory without losing time, and all the while you can fly close enough to the ground to get the best shots. Try out our way of getting the footage you want and see how convenient it is!

Exceptional helicopter tours with picture perfect views!
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Agricultural Helicopter Services

We Will Take Care of Your Crops

DecaturHelicopter Charters - DecaturAgricultural Helicopter Services

If you or your company own land, you know how important it is to take good care of it. With our Agricultural helicopter services, you will be able to do so in an efficient and productive way. Helicopters ensure even distribution of seeds, fertilizers, etc. in a minimal amount of time, across large territories, you will not have to spend nearly as much on our services as you would for spreading the same amount, by other methods (ground machinery or manpower). Besides, unlike other machines, helicopters don’t damage the soil as they work to fertilize or protect your land from pests. They work discreetly and efficiently from the air, so you can be sure your land is protected from mechanical damages.

Helis are also better suited for Agricultural charters than traditional airplanes. That’s because they fly closer to the ground, which ensures higher precision indicators than planes. Most heli models are also cheaper to operate than airplanes, so the agricultural services executed by helicopters can cost less than the plane counterparts. Because a helicopter allows for more targeted application, you may be sure you won’t have to repeat the distribution of fertilizers, seeds or pest control liquids on your area – one time is more than enough to get the job done.

An Agricultural Charter can help you all year round in activities like spreading herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or fertilizer. What’s more, a heli can assist you in frost prevention, as well as brush and noxious weed control. Clearing your land of pests and mosquitoes is possible with a helicopter charter, too. Whatever kind of help you need, Decatur Helicopter Charters by Flex Air Aviation has your back!

Land and Wildlife Surveys

Monitoring Local Wildlife, Efficiently

Decatur Helicopter Charters - Decatur, Alabama Land and Wildlife Surveys

If you own land populated by wildlife, you know how important it is to control your territory. For example, when you are growing animals for farming purposes, you want to make sure you don’t have too many predators in your area, which can affect your bottom line. Another possible situation when you may need a wildlife survey is if you own a piece of woodland for hunting. You want to be in control of the animal count, so that you know when more animals need to be brought to the area. These are just a couple of examples of the benefits of Animal Surveys, but whatever you need this service for, we can always help.

With a helicopter which flies quite close to the ground, we can provide the most accurate survey for any purpose. Before we start, you will need to specify which indicators are important to you. Possible measurements include buck to doe ratio, distribution of wild animals per acre of land, buck quality index, birth rates (or fawn production), animal harvesting potential on your territory and, of course, total population of different wildlife types. Flex Air Aviation Helicopters Decatur can help with all of these, as well as any other calculations or requests you might have.

Most commonly, people order our Animal Survey services in the U.S. to monitor the number of deer on their property. However, our services are by no means limited to that. Counting the numbers of exotic animals in your area is possible, too, as is calculating how many predators there are per acre, or in total. All of the information we find out will be delivered to you in a clear and concise form for you to keep.

Improved Accuracy in Farming and Surveys!
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Heli-Logging Service

The Most Efficient Logging Method

DecaturHelicopter Charters - Decatur Heli-Logging Services

Heli-logging, or standing stem harvesting, is a convenient method of removing timber from the woodland to the collection point. The main benefit of this service is that when you harvest timber using helis, they don’t get damaged or fall on the way side therefore the amount of timber delivered this way will almost always exceed the amount delivered from the same place by traditional methods.

A helicopter is also capable of transporting more timber at once than any other machine used for logging purposes. Heli Logging is the optimal choice for situations when large woodland needs to be cleared. The job can be executed in a short amount of time with a helicopter, which brings even more savings to you. It may take several days to transport timber by ground transport, but with a heli, the same area can be cleared in just a few hours. Another important advantage of Heli Logging, compared to other methods, is safety. Harvesting standing stems is a lot safer for your personnel than letting the trees fall, and collecting them afterwards.

For this service, Flex Air Aviation Helicopters Decatur usually employs heavy lifting helicopters that can drag tons of cargo in one go. For example, the Kaman K-Max and the Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane are often sent by our affiliates to help customers with Heli Logging. The former can lift about 6,000 pounds at once, and the latter has a total payload of 20,000 pounds! Both models have been around since the 1990’s (K-Max first took off in 1991 and S-64 – 1962), and in their decades of operation, they have proven extremely effective for Heli Logging.

Cargo and Freight Delivery

On Time, Every Time

Decatur Helicopter Charters - Decatur, Alabama Cargo and Freight Delivery

With such a massive fleet of different helicopters available to us through a wide network of trusted affiliates both in Decatur, Georgia and all over the U.S., we can deliver any cargo or freight for you. Even if you have several thousand pounds of goods to transport, we can help you move that in one go! That is because our helis can lift up to 10,000-20,000 pounds at a time, so our transportation services are incredibly time efficient. In general you can do the same amount of work with just one helicopter than several truck in less time.

When you want to transport something with our heli charter in Decatur, Georgia, just call our friendly customer service team and you will receive guidance regarding how much time may be needed to get the job done. You can explain to our representatives what you want to move, how much of it, and where, and they’ll reserve the right helicopter for your specific needs. Our customer service agents will be able to identify what model of a helicopter will help you the most, and how long it may take for the cargo to arrive at the final destination.

The best thing about using heli charters for transportation, as opposed to more traditional methods, is that air transport is very fast. Also, when you hire your own helicopter charter to deliver your cargo, instead of putting it into the cabin of a general passenger plane, you can be sure the load is kept in the right conditions and looked after properly. Even with fragile or exceptionally valuable loads, you can trust Decatur Helicopter Charters by Flex Air Aviation to deliver.

Moving Logs? Check. Transporting Freight? Check.
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Sporting Event Charters

Game Day Just Got Better

Decatur Helicopter Charters - Decatur Sporting Event Helicopter Charters

Our Game Day Services are for those who love attending sporting events. Whichever ones you prefer – NBA, MLB, MLS, NFL, PGA or Nascar – you can order our helicopter charter in Decatur, Georgia to arrive there in style. We will help you get straight from the pick up point to the stadium, without losing time at airports and time getting from the airport to the game. We will take care of obtaining the necessary licenses, coordinate with event staff, and secure a good landing spot – all you have to do is show up.

What you will definitely enjoy about our Game Day Services is the luxurious charter that caters specifically to your needs. As there will be no other passengers onboard, all the attention will be concentrated on making sure you are comfortable while you travel to your favorite game. For example, if you need special adjustments to the regular amenities in the aircraft, like a baby changing station or help for the disabled, we can add them to the mix. Of course, prior notice is needed on your part, but once you inform us of these requirements, you can just wait for the day you have your helicopter charter without any concerns.

Aerial Relief and Support

When Time is of the Essence

Decatur Helicopter Charters - Aerial Relief and Support in Decatur, Alabama

Flex Air Aviation Helicopters Decatur doesn’t only provide pleasure and business services in Decatur, Georgia – we also help people when they need fast transportation the most. We are ready to deliver a helicopter charter at a short notice to an area that has suffered from a disaster – be it a wildfire, an earthquake, a hurricane or a massive crash. Helicopters can help deliver medical experts and equipment as well as take the victims out of the affected areas for their safety’s sake. Helicopters also often assist with clean up after a significant disaster that has left devastation in its wake. Because of their high lifting capacity, helicopters are great for removing wreckage and transporting mobile hospitals to the disaster area.

Decatur Helicopter Charters by Flex Air Aviation works with a large network of helicopter service providers in Georgia, to be able to provide you with the exact services you seek. Whether there is a natural or man-made disaster, our helicopter charters can help within just a few hours. We try to deliver the Aerial Relief Support services as soon as possible, and having a lot of trusted partners in the area helps to make it easier.

When you learn about an emergency in the area, make sure to call us right away and explain your situation, as well as what help you think may be necessary. We will arrange for the right number of helicopters and the right help for the victims. We can also assist on location, with firefighting and removing all the wreckage as fast as possible. Whichever Aerial Relief Support services you are in need of, Decatur Helicopter Charters by Flex Air Aviation is always ready to help!

Emergency Response and Support

For Rapid Response and Emergency Services

We are available from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day of the week. That’s how you can reach our friendly and professional customer service agents who will be happy to help you find out more about any helicopter charter service you are interested in. Not only can they give the information needed for you to make up your mind, but they will also assist with bookings, once you have decided on the day and time. Even when you need emergency helicopter services, call us – a charter can be arranged within hours.

Call 1-800-615-9754 for Emergency Services!

Call 1-800-615-9754 whenever you need emergency response

Decatur Helicopter Charters by Flex Air Aviation

For All of Your Helicopter Needs

Flex Air Aviation Helicopters Decatur’s team of professionals is available everyday of the week for any helicopter services that you or your business needs in the Decatur, Georgia and surrounding areas. Our team is standing by to assist you in reserving the perfect helicopter to meet your requirements. Contact Decatur Helicopter Charters by Flex Air Aviation, today to see why we are the go to aerial service company in the area!


Decatur Helicopter Charters by Flex Air Aviation proudly serves Decatur, Georgia and the following surrounding cities:

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