Full Package Helicopter Options Available in El Paso, Texas to Satisfy Your Flight Needs!

Get Quality Helicopter Services When You Book Today! Call Flex Air Helicopters El Paso 1-800-615-9754!

Full package helicopter facilities available in El Paso, Texas to satisfy your flight needs!

Get quality helicopter services when you book today! Call Flex Air El Paso 1-800-615-9754!

The Best in Helicopter Services Across El Paso, Texas!

Helicopter Charters in El Paso

Our fleet of helicopter services range from private transportation, construction assistance, farming and other agricultural needs and so much more. Get all your tasks done with quality by a team of professional helicopter operators with years of experience up their sleeves. Reach out to us today and book your desired helicopter service!

El Paso Helicopter Charters

The Best of Helicopter Charter Choices

El Paso Helicopter Charters - Executive Helicopter Charters El Paso

Executive Helicopter Charters

Are you in need of an executive transportation services free from all the hustle and bustle of street traffic? Let Flex Air Helicopters El Paso connect you with an exclusive charter featured with comfort, class and style. Reach your destination with ease and within the shortest and safest possible timing.

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Aerial Freight

El Paso Aerial Freight

Immediate and recurring freight transportation provides relief where traditional methods are too time consuming. Flex Air has been able to solve factory shutdowns in less than 37 minutes, saving the opportunity cost of alternatives.

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El Paso Helicopter Charters - Heavy Lift Helicopters in El Paso

Heavy Lifting Services

Flex Air Helicopters El Paso offers the best solution for quality construction results. With a wide range of service helicopters, you can feel comfortable knowing a team of professionals are on the job to make it a success. Contract the services of a helicopter lift to assist you.

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El Paso Helicopter Charters - Aerial Filming and Photography in El Paso

Aerial Filming and Photography

Our helicopter services extends way beyond the regular to offer quality aerial filming and photography services. If you have a project which involves aerial work and you are seeking a team of professional to work with, let Flex Air Helicopters El Paso be your choice. Quality service at its best!

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El Paso Helicopter Charters - Land and Wildlife Surveys in El Paso

Land/Wildlife Surveys

Surveys are important aspects of every industry and the better the quality of recording, the greater the results. The helicopter services of Flex Air Helicopters El Paso, allows you to be connected with a team of professional experts. Get the perfect results for you surveying job today from our team.

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El Paso Helicopter Charters - Agricultural Helicopter Charters in El Paso

Agricultural Charters

Are you a farmer in need of assistance in spraying, watering or checking on your large farm? Let us help you with one of our professional helicopter services that can get the job done faster, more efficiently and more effectively. Reach out to our team today for more.

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Travel in Style with an Executive Service!

El Paso Helicopter Charters - Executive Helicopter Charters in El Paso
Executive Helicopter Charters in El Paso

The beauty of being able to travel in style and comfort is right at your doorstep! We offer the best air travel services within the entire Texas area, taking you wherever you decide to go. Our services eliminate the whole hassle of waiting in long lines to purchase a bus ticket, dealing with late arrival and then sitting for hours in traffic. Flex Air Helicopters El Paso is the home for quality individual and privatized travel for yourself or your team.

We offer set destination travel services which allows you to move from one location to another in a matter of minutes. There is no more excuse for being late for that all important meeting. There is no chance of having to make multiple stops to accommodate mishaps by other individuals as the air will be clear for free travel. Flights from destination A to destination B is stress free and the only stops which will be conducted is as per your request.

Our team of experienced helicopter experts will ensure you are transported in fine style, luxury and maximum comfort. You can relax knowing your safety is of the highest regard. You can feel comfortable with our flight officials as they are trained and certified. They have years of experience working in this area and all customers we have worked with before have been fully satisfied with our services. You get your own space with added features offered by no other helicopter agency. Call us for further details on the complementary features you can request for your flight.

Your charter will be privatized, meaning you get to helicopter for your sole purpose but which does not conflict with our minor guidelines and maximum security is guaranteed while you are in our care. We maintain the highest level of professionalism at all times. When you reserve a helicopter travel service, you set your own time and location. We know the importance of organization and good time management so you can count on us to be there at your schedule. We specialize in only providing quality air travel services! Book your private charter today and reach your destination faster and safer!

Travel in Confidence and Comfort! Reserve Your Private Charter Today at 1-800-615-9754!

Helicopter Lifts - Getting the Job Done!

El Paso Helicopter Charters - El Paso Heavy Lifting Helicopters
El Paso Heavy Lifting Helicopters

We know the importance of getting the job done right the first time so as to reduce the risks of trouble later on. Construction is a technical industry which requires the right tools needed to get the job done efficiently and that is why Flex Air Helicopters El Paso are here to assist you. High rise buildings are often one of the most frustrating to deal with especially when the ground cranes cannot reach the maximum height. Either the job will be sub-par or someone will have to risk their lives to go on top. Having a helicopter lift will solve all that frustration and ensure safety is guaranteed. With these helicopter services, you can reach those high areas with ease and get the desired results in a faster time frame. We also offer air cranes for cargo loading and emptying processes as well as other jobs not manageable by a ground crane.

Our operating pilots know how to effectively use these machines as they have years of experience providing services in these areas. They have being trained and certified under the laws and regulations of the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). We have the team to help you reach the desired results you need, so why not give us a call today to find out more about our offerings.

Types of service helicopters
We have a wide range of helicopter that we use for different aerial services. There are so many air reaching jobs that a ground crane cannot handle and this is where we step in.

Among the types of air cranes we use are:

  • Kaman K-MAX

    This is used mainly for ship/cargo loading and emptying. These helicopters can manage up to 6,000 pounds at any given time.

  • Kamov Ka-226

    This is a six or seven seat utility helicopter, powered by two 450-shp turboshaft engines.

  • Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane

    This is an American twin-engine heavy-lift helicopter used for aerial lifting and maneuvering tasks.

  • Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion

    This is among the largest and heaviest helicopter operated within the United States. It is a three engine, seven blade operating helicopter.

Our fleet consists of more aerial cranes from which you can easily choose.

Why You Should Use Aerial Cranes

Ensuring a job is done perfectly is the goal of everyone. With the aid of aerial cranes, construction and aerial task workers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing the job can be done with efficiency. With the aid of aerial cranes or helicopter lifts, high raised tasks and jobs which a ground crane cannot do will be done. But why should you use an aerial crane?

Construction – Within the construction industry, cranes are always needed to complete jobs which hands cannot complete like lifting heavy weights or affixing certain material. As a result, ground cranes are often used but what about the areas where that particular crane cannot reach? The contracting of an aerial crane for jobs such as ceiling pipe laying and electrical works among others will be more effective. The crane operator will be able to see from a direct point how to maneuver each material into the correct location. For example large hotels require the services of a helicopter lift for jobs such as mixture pouring and structural lying.

Cargo/shipping duties – We know how cargo ships can be loaded with heavy duty machinery at times of shipping and transportation. With a ship docked at sea, there may be major difficulties for a ground crane to load and unload goods from the packing area and as such the use of an aerial crane is needed to lift the items to land. These operational lifts based on built can lift weights well up to 8,000+ pounds.

Still wondering why you need to get an aerial crane? The answer is simple – they will give you better results.

Contract the Services of an Aerial Crane Today! Call 1-800-615-9754 for more details!

Agricultural Helicopter Services

We Will Take Care of Your Crops

El Paso Helicopter Charters - El Paso Agricultural Helicopter Services

Farming is not always as easy as it looks as there are many technical tasks which need to be accomplished. Farmers and farming organizations always welcome the added benefit which enables them to get more work done with less hassle and frustration. With the help of Flex Air El Paso Helicopter Charter services, farmers can breathe a sigh of relieve as we offer farm help services. Chartering a helicopter has many benefits for you as it increases efficiency and greater production, decreases the risks of farm produce damage and gives you more flexibility than what you would get from a ground machine or even a plane.

The services of a helicopter charter are also not limited in the sense that:

It provides pest control services
Farmers are often stifled with the many different pests that destroy their crops on a daily basis. Even with manually distribution of pest control via different methods, they are still affected. With the services of a chartered helicopter, you can rest assured of a thorough distribution of pesticides and insecticides over your crops.

Specialized application processes
There are many different ways in which farmers apply various chemicals and materials throughout their farm. Our helicopter services provide both dry and liquid aerial application of products like fertilizers, seeds, medicines, etc. The aerial application will ensure a more even distribution on the farm land.

Our services also provide frost prevention aerial services as well as tasks needed to be done on the land. The helicopter is a cost effective, efficient and less time consuming way to go. If you need assistance with any other farming needs, feel free to speak with a representative today.

Land and Wildlife Surveys

Monitoring Local Wildlife, Efficiently

El Paso Helicopter Charters - El Paso Land and Wildlife Surveys

It is of vital importance for certain companies and individuals to record both land and animal surveys over given time periods. Land surveying can be a technical task and the most suitable option to getting it done with conciseness is via an aerial support. For far reaching areas within the El Paso area such as the mountainous and forestry area, land travel will be hampered and limited. This is because many vehicles cannot reach select areas because of reasons such as rocky formation, forestry growth, natural elements like rivers and lakes, etc.

Our aerial support services are never hampered by such limitations because we are able to easily maneuver our helicopters over any given area. Find the exact square meter of any given area with even distribution of forestry, vegetation, animal and infrastructure. This survey can also include person distribution (household) per select square mile.

There are no obstructions in air travel which makes our services the most efficient and convenient. You may have seen many wildlife documentary videos and wonder how they are able to record and capture all that information. Certain animals can be ferocious if they feel they are in danger and as such, land travel is once again blocked because of this. With a helicopter surveying service, we are able to zoom and capture, fly to select altitude as well as easily visit certain walking restricted areas. We are able to record any animal distribution over a given area (ratio of males to females, young, old, etc).

We can do what many other surveying methods cannot do or achieve. Find out more from our representatives today.

Precision and Accuracy at Its Best! Reserve an Aerial Survey at 1-800-615-9754!

Heli-Logging Service

The Most Efficient Logging Method

El Paso Helicopter Charters - El Paso Heli-Logging Services

There are times when you need to clear a certain area of your land and need to remove the debris but it causes frustration. Though there are many ways of clearing the land, heli-logging has just proven to be the most efficient. Think about it…instead of having to put more pressure into cutting large logs because the vehicle is not able to lift the load, the helicopter can lift the entire thing! This effective service is less time consuming and provides maximum safety against personnel and other structures. When you choose heli-logging, there are so many advantages to gain including:

Easy access to remote areas. In areas where clearing is needed to prevent further damages to infrastructure that a land machine cannot do, the helicopter is able to easily get the job done.

More production in less time. Select helicopters in the process of heli-logging can extract as much as 15,000 tons of undamaged timber per day, much more than traditional forms of logging. Getting more from less hands-on work is more than a welcome advantage for anyone.

Safety is guaranteed on a high. Conventional methods of logging are risky in the sense that loggers are in clear danger of possible falling limbs as well as close infrastructure and wirings. Heli-logging eliminates all chances of that happening.

Specialized helicopters for nature of logging. Some loggings require a more technical touch than others and as such, supplying a variety of helicopters will provide a more efficient result. We general use the S-64 Skycrane and the K-Max for these processes.

Cargo and Freight Delivery

On Time, Every Time

El Paso Helicopter Charters - El Paso Cargo and Freight Delivery

Shipping on its own can be really frustrating and time consuming and then when it finally reaches its destination, another trouble to get it to land. We are here to help you worry less about all those little processes. With our chartered helicopter services you can complete all your personal and businesses transport in a less time consuming, efficient and secured manner.

We will ensure your items reach their destination as our team of experts is well trained and experienced in this field. No matter the type of item you need to ship whether it is a select type of vehicle, heavy duty machinery or any other type of equipment. Our team of customer service representatives is available to you seven days a week to respond to all your shipping needs.

Our fleet of helicopters can handle any load range as we range in size, build and duty powered helicopter. No load is too heavy for us to transport and over any distance you require – worldwide! We operate on a fast basis meaning we take care of emergency transports of delicate and extremely hazardous containers. Our services are not limited and that makes us the best choice for you!

We also have partnerships for other airline operators who need assistance to transport loads they are unable to handle. When you contract our services, you will be briefed on departure and arrival times, tracking details and other required information you need. For all the freight services you need, we can assist you!

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