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When you contract with Flex Air Aviation Heavy Lift Helicopter Services you know you’re getting the experience, knowledge and safety record of the industry’s best helicopter lifting pilots. We pride ourselves in professionalism and a level of expertise that sets us apart from the competition. Do yourself, and your project, a favor and give us a call. Let one of our experts give you a free consultation on our heavy lift services. You will be glad you did!

When it comes to lifting heavy loads, helicopters and cranes are two options that come to mind. Both have their pros and cons, but in certain situations, helicopters can be a better choice than cranes. Although we offer both options, we have found there are many reasons to choose an aerial crane as an alternative from the industry standard. Here a just a few reasons why helicopters can be better for commercial and construction lifting.

1. Access to remote and difficult locations

Helicopters have the ability to access remote and difficult locations that cranes cannot. Helicopters can fly over mountains, forests, and water bodies to reach construction sites and other hard-to-reach locations. They are also suitable for lifting heavy equipment to offshore oil rigs and other offshore installations.

2. Faster and more efficient

Helicopters can often complete lifting tasks in a fraction of the time it would take a crane, which can result in significant cost savings for any given project. They can also transport the load over a greater distance in a shorter amount of time. This makes helicopters a more efficient option when it comes to completing projects on time. Helicopters have an average pick rate of 12-15 picks per hour.

3. Versatility

Helicopters are more versatile than cranes because they can operate in a variety of weather and terrain conditions. The same conditions that would force cranes to shut down. With their increased maneuverability, Helicopters can also do a better job working in confined and/or congested areas. Unlike cranes, which are usually limited to specific locations, helicopters can fly to remote or inaccessible sites, making them ideal for projects in mountainous or densely populated areas. They can also perform aerial lifts from a stationary or hovering position, making them more efficient for shorter, less frequent lifts. Additionally, helicopters can quickly move from one location to another, reducing downtime and allowing for more lifts to be completed in a shorter amount of time. Overall, helicopters offer a much more flexible and adaptable solution for lifting projects.

4. Less disruptive

Helicopters are less disruptive than cranes because they do not require as much space for setup and operation. Cranes require a large area for the crane base and crane arm, and they can cause traffic disruptions when moving to and from the site. These cranes can often take days or even weeks to build, disrupting all nearby businesses including the building where the lift is taking place. Helicopters, on the other hand, can take off and land in a relatively small space, and have no setup time, making them ideal for congested urban areas.

5. No need for infrastructure

Helicopters do not require any infrastructure to operate, whereas cranes need to be positioned on a flat surface with adequate weight-bearing capacity or may require additional cribbing and/or blocking to be used. This means that helicopters can be used in areas where cranes cannot be deployed due to lack of infrastructure or access. Additionally, to meet proper safety standards, cranes may need to conduct a GPR survey. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys are a non-destructive geophysical technique used to investigate subsurface features. By emitting high frequency electromagnetic waves into the ground and measuring the reflected signals, GPR can provide information about the depth, shape, and composition of buried objects or structures. Even with these precautions in place, ground assets may still cause damage to the surrounding area while completing the lift. Spending money on more equipment, material, man power, and most importantly, time, to build or scrap roads and setup areas can cost quite a bit. The helicopter cost might look more, in some cases, per hour but by the end of your project can become significantly more cost effective.

6. Flexibility

Helicopters offer more flexibility than cranes when it comes to lifting and transporting loads. They can be used to lift loads from one location and transport them to another location quickly and efficiently. This makes them ideal for emergency situations where time is of the essence.

Helicopters are better than cranes for lifting projects in certain situations. They are more efficient, versatile, less disruptive, and offer more flexibility than cranes. Helicopters can access remote and difficult locations, operate in adverse conditions, and do not require any infrastructure to operate. However, helicopters are more expensive than cranes, and their use should be considered on a case-by-case basis. This is why Flex Air does include the ground crane options as well. Our general rule of thumb is that once you get up to a 100 ton crane the helicopter should always be considered.

Your project will be handled by the best heavy lift operators in the industry... Some who have provided their services for difficult missions, ranging from forest fires to intricate utility operations and more. Flex Air Aviation affiliate pilots are FAA certified as passenger carriers, external load operators, and agricultural aircraft operations – there is no job too large, small or difficult.

Heavy Lift Helicopters services Are Good For...

  • Roof Top Installation
  • Generator Placement
  • Fuel and Water Tank Transport
  • Steel Erection

  • Power Line Inspection
  • Disaster Relief
  • Aircraft and Boat Recovery

  • Pipeline Placements
  • Oil Rig Support and Transport
  • HVAC Placements

  • Light Pole Installment
  • General Construction
  • Trusses

Get a Fast, Free Quote Immediately. Call 1-800-615-9754 to Speak to an Expert

Get a Fast, Free Quote Immediately. Call 1-800-615-9754 to Speak to an Expert

What Helicopter Lift Services Are You In Need Of?

Helicopter Lift Services - Construction


Business projects vary in size and require different accommodation. If you have a demanding construction project that requires a helping hand from above, use a heavy lift helicopter! Our business goal involves connecting each client to a qualified pilot whose experience matches the project’s requirements. Flex Air Aviation’s partnering operators have handled a wide variety of general construction projects over the past 30 years and are ready to showcase their aeronautical skills!

Helicopter Lift Services - Powerline Inspection and Maintainace

Powerline Inspection and Maintenance

Maintaining connectivity throughout all of your facilities, warehouses and other infrastructure is vital for a business to thrive. Knowing this, you can properly prepare your business’ locations for emergency power failures and other maintenance concerns with versatile heavy lift helicopters! Throughout these aerial crane services, our partners will provide you with a way to place power lines, pipelines and railways with great precision.

Helicopter Lift Services

General Lifting and Aerial Delivery

If you are not familiar with the technical term Long Lines, the phrase refers to lines that range from 25’ to 200’ feet. These cables are coupled with the necessary straps, bags and nets needed to transport a plethora of freight sizes. Helicopter lift services can assist you in shipping these freight packages cross country and usually in a single load. No matter if your project requires heavy lifting of the small or large variety, Flex Air Aviation’s affiliate network of expert pilots will ease the process of your business’ massive transportation needs from “How are we ever going to move this?” to “Done!”

Helicopter Building and HVAC Installation


On pre-existing buildings, aerial cranes provide a less dangerous way to install rooftop units. An aerial approach is also a good way to deliver and place heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units. Standard cranes have limited mobility and can be more difficult to maneuver than aircranes when installing heavy, bulky objects like the HVAC. With the help of a heavy-lift helicopter, you will not only have the benefit of having the heavy lifting done for you, but also the ability to mitigate risk to other properties as well as your crew. Helicopters or infinitely more precise and safer than your typical ground crane. So sit back and watch our partners work.

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    Call 1-800-615-9754 and Talk With The Experts at Flex Air Aviation Today!