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Power Line Inspection by Definition

Inspections demand accurate information that can be rapidly obtained and put into a plan of action. Helicopter power line inspections can be done quickly and safely and provide accurate and varied information.

Getting the total picture

Inspections demand accurate information that can be rapidly obtained and put into a plan of action. Helicopter power line inspections can be done quickly and safely and provide accurate and varied information.

Inspection options

Traditional photos and video can also give inspectors an accurate picture of the power lines, including intrusion of vegetation, storm or other damage. If a power line inspector is not available, helicopters can also perform video and photographic inspections.

Increased safety

Aerial inspections allow helicopter power line workers to do fast, efficient power line inspections without the danger of ladders and bucket lifts. Video from aerial inspections can also be an asset to repair crews who can physically see the site of the repair ahead of time to ensure they have the correct equipment for the job.

Helicopters for All Uses

Helicopters are extremely versatile machines, but they also have a wide variety of capabilities. Much like the auto industry builds vehicles from buses, to pick up trucks to sports cars, helicopters also have varying levels of specialization.

Helicopter linemen can require different helicopters depending upon the job at hand. For power line inspections, vegetation surveys or similar jobs, a helicopter’s maneuverability, range, cabin space and visibility are paramount. The MD 500E, for instance, is an extremely versatile light utility helicopter. With a five-blade main rotor and a Rolls-Royce engine it combines power with reliability. It’s large flat cabin floor is perfect for hauling cargo, if needed, and the helicopter seats up to five passengers.

Performing power line inspections at high altitudes presents unique challenges. The MD 530FF, for example, is a great choice at higher altitudes as it has long main rotor blades that help the machine fly when the air gets thin, and its extended tail boom increases thrust, also helping at high altitude. Whether it’s range, passenger comfort, or hauling capacity, Flex Air has access to a helicopter tailored for every job.

Power Line Inspection Versatility

Helicopter inspections can be used for a variety of goals from regular maintenance of the equipment to checking intrusive vegetation to storm damage assessment. Power lines require constant maintenance and inspection to ensure catching minor issues before they become major, costly repairs. A helicopter lineman can inspect miles of power lines and equipment quickly, even if it’s over water or in remote regions.

A helicopter’s ability to hover and fly at low altitude make it an ideal vehicle for surveys and inspections, whether visually, or through video, or both. Data gleaned can be vital to any overall maintenance plan or project plan. Storms are problematic for any power grid, and after a storm, obtaining damage extent and assessment is vital to getting power up and running again. Helicopter power line inspections are a fast, effective way to get a complete picture of the damage and repairs needed.

Able to fly over floods, fires or any other disaster, helicopters can be a vital tool in any storm or disaster response, getting linemen information they need to fix the damage and getting them to the sites quickly. Helicopters are also useful in remote areas or rugged terrain as the existence or condition of roads is not a factor. Power line maintenance is not just about the lines and equipment, it’s keeping that equipment safe. Infringement of trees and nature can pose a threat to power lines and need to be constantly monitored. A helicopter power line inspection is a fast way to accomplish that goal.

As you can see, helicopter power line inspections carried out by helicopter lineman impact a wide range of industries within our modern world. If you’re a business owner or you work for another corporation and you or they happen to be in need of a power line inspection, give Flex Air a call. Our agents are well versed in all things power line inspection related as well as can provide detailed information as the the specifications of the types of aircraft we can arrange access to for you. There’s no time like the present, let Flex Air assist your with your power line inspection requisites today.

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