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Specialty Solutions are Tailored to Your Business

At Flex Air Aviation, we provide access to Air Charter Services for businesses and individuals within an array of industries. However, the one feature which has allowed us to grow over the years has been our ability to tailor a service to business’ specific needs.

We deal with companies in a variety of sectors to ensure that nobody understands your needs better than we do. By partnering with the most professional helicopter companies and pilots within the United States, there is never a project too big or small for us to help you plan. Our associates also specialize in tailoring specialty helicopter services, for businesses with special air charter needs. This makes our company the most flexible when scheduling custom helicopter charters or planning spur of the moment air charter services that you may not have realized you needed until last minute.

No matter the project, need or assistance, we are here to get you the specialized service you need.

We Offer the Best Specialty Helicopter Services Rates in the Industry

Our company policy is to make sure that our clients can count on us to deliver. So, whether you require that work crew is airlifted at the same time each week from a nearby oilfield or you require a regularly scheduled flight to a remote location for employees, we have the resources to fulfill your needs. In addition, we can also help relief agencies move aid, personnel, and equipment to areas affected by natural disasters. Plus, since we have provided these specialty helicopter services before, you can count on us to always deliver. Air Charter services have over the years become notorious for being expensive. While there are comparatively cheap services, the fact is that these businesses may have a small fleet or just one type of aircraft.

We not only offer the best, most competitive prices even for our specialty services but we also have access to one of the largest fleets of aircraft. Whether you need to hire a chopper to reach a busy location in a city or an airplane for an international destination, we can offer you the best rates while ensuring excellent services. Each price is based on the type of aircraft you choose for your project, the project itself and any additional customizations you would like to include in your charter. This price is customized to your need and always made as easy on your wallet as possible. Our goal is not to blindside you with a huge fixed price number, it is to help you achieve your goal.

Charter a Helicopter of Any Size or Type

Hire any size and type aircraft on a regular or ad hoc basis. Our state of the art booking system coupled with our experienced account managers can help you get started right away on the specialty helicopter services. We can also help you figure out which aircraft will work best for your purposes based on budget, capacity and flight time, etc. An Account Manager can also help arrange for any specialty helicopter service on short notice to fulfill your special needs.

When it comes to customization, it is all a matter of answering a few questions for us to get you scheduled with the right helicopter for your project. Whether it be an aerial crane that has a payload of 50,000 pounds for large external lifts or a small craft for you to get into a tight space when filming from above, the range is unlimited. For any project, we take time to customize your charter to fit your precise requirements, which is why Flex Air Aviation is a trusted name in helicopter service provider.

Browse Our Specialty Helicopter Services

Specialty Helicopter Services - Aerial Filming and Photography

Aerial Filming & Photography

Capture your own unique shots and scenes of the atmosphere with the help of Flex Air Aviation! Our partnering facilities have Aerial Photography and Filming services that provide a safe way for any photographer or filmographer to record the perfect high altitude shot needed to fulfill their vision. From aerial news gathering, to movie and film production, our vast variety of partners in your area are ready to get you the close-ups you need!

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Specialty Helicopter Services - Agricultural


Flex Air Aviation’s elite network of affiliated helicopters makes us ready to become your go to expert for all of your agricultural care! We want to make sure that your field is protected from destructive pests, freezing frosts and the over-watering that mother nature dishes out every year. We protect your crop investment, so you can go on earning without the worry of what unexpected hurdle you may have to face. Don’t worry, we have you and your crops, covered.

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Specialty Helicopter Services - Emergency Services

Emergency Services

For swift evacuations, fallen cranes or sunken ships, Flex Air Aviation’s professional affiliate fleet is ready and waiting to come to the rescue. Our partnering Skycranes can lift any heavy cargo or massive groups of people to safety quickly and easily. If you are in need of emergency services now, we will provide quick planning that can get you help as fast as possible. We’ll make all of the calls, charter your flight or provide assistance, and help will be on the way.

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Specialty Helicopter Services - Freight


Need your precious cargo collected from a ship or other remote location? Count on Flex Air Aviation’s access to Specialty Helicopter Services in your area to get your shipment delivered fast! The state-of-the-art helicopters we partner with are standing by to transfer your goods to a designated location today. From small specialty cargo such as the transport of medical supplies to any large external lift freights, we have the know-how and network to get the job done.

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Specialty Helicopter Services - Heavy Lift

Heavy Lift “Air Cranes”

Let aircranes do all of the heavy lifting! The helicopters we partner with are designed to lift massive objects without leaving a deep impression in the ground or taking the risk of toppling over mid-move. To-date, these aircranes have provided heavy lifting services for roof installation, general construction, boat recovery and more. From the smallest project to longer endeavors, Flex Air Aviation provides access to the most heavy lift helicopter options in your area.

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Specialty Helicopter Services - Sporting Events

Sporting Events

As you are gearing up to leave for your favorite sporting event, you are normally faced with three travelling options: leave early, sit in traffic or stay home. Until now! Flex Air Aviation’s access to sporting event transportation via our immense network of specialty helicopter service providers gives you a brand new choice to arrive at your team’s game stylishly and with a distinct sense of class. Let us know you’re ready to beat those cumbersome sports traffic queues today!

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Specialty Helicopter Services - heli-logging


If you’re seeking a way to reduce the environmental impacts of logging, or need a better way to remove choice lumber from remote areas, look no further than Heli-Logging services! Entrusting helicopters to carry your hard-to-find lumber from its inaccessible area to a designated location will improve the quality of your production immensely. So what’s holding you back from doubling your yield and clearing your harvest site quicker and easier?

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Specialty Helicopter Services- Heli Skiing


Treat yourself to an aerial lift this year instead of a boring ski lift! With Flex Air Aviation’s access to professional Heli-Skiing services, you will be flying straight to the top of the mountain in style. Our affiliate pilots are trained to make sure that you get to fully enjoy your lift up, without disturbing you during your descent. Find the best and untouched launch locations with a heli-ski air charter service set up through Flex Air Aviation.

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Specialty Helicopter Services - Surveying


Sometimes the only way to get a good lay of the land is to survey it from high above. Fortunately, we partner with independent helicopter pilots that can get you there! View the intricate blueprint of the surrounding areas and map them to precision with a custom helicopter charter. Aerial Mapping tools and graphing equipment may be available or you can bring your own! Get the most accurate measurements with a Specialized Helicopter Service organized through Flex Air Aviation.

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Specialty Helicopter Services - Weddings


To make a memorable event that much better, arrive in style by helicopter! The professional pilots we partner with are trained to navigate the airways with great aerial precision that will get you to your ceremony on-time. Ready to transform your day of holy matrimony into the wedding of the year? Let Flex Air Aviation know when you have officially set the date and we’ll schedule a flight to take you there in a custom helicopter charter!

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