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Record pristine atmospheric shots with Aerial Photography Services

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Enhance your filmography or photography game by elevating your shots to new heights of creativity with our aerial photography and filming services! Our vast network of helicopter service providers gives you a top of the world view that is sure to enhance your current artistic project. Right now, professional personnel are ready to help interpret your vision into that triumphant angle you are seeking to obtain. We will work with you to mount the equipment needed to secure your image capturing device onto our sleek helicopters. High performance gyro-stabilized camera systems are also available if you are looking for the most professional shots possible.

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Customization Based on Your Needs

All of our helicopters can be configured to most individual requirements and we will grant all feasible camera positioning requests. Whether it’s a high-speed chase scene or a beautiful sunset, Flex Air Aviation is prepared to take you to the top of the world for your artistic shot. We want to help you get the perfect setting for that movie, commercial, television show or photo-folio piece that you are presently working on creating. Our pilots are trained to fly in any weather and will take you up into the clouds while keeping safety a number one priority.

With our affiliate’s state-of-the-art equipment lifting your line of sight high into the atmosphere, a plethora of vistas are freely available to be captured. They can fly you above the clouds, just over the tree line, around tall buildings or anywhere else that you need to emphasize the emotion or message that your aerial shot requires. Our partner’s helicopter photography equipment is designed to go that extra mile to see your project through to completion.

Aerial Filming and Photography
Aerial Filming and Photography

We Deliver the Best Possible Shots

Flex Air Aviation’s affiliate network includes pilots and helicopters that can handle flying in slightly unsavory weather if you are in need of a stormy aerial shot. Rest assured that these trained pilots will make sure that you get what you’re after and land safely! We will be the catalyst you need to acquire that perfect scene, so remember, aerial and filming and photography services are available to you, year round. Are you ready to grab your camera and get started?

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your aerial vision into a masterpiece!
Turn your aerial vision into a masterpiece!

Aerial Filming Services for Motion Pictures

Helicopter Usage for Your Film Production

For many production shots for film and TV production, aerial captures are needed. This may be for background shots, aerial shots of a city, scenic shots of wilderness area, etc. Using a helicopter is one of the best ways to capture high quality video of all kinds.

With Flex Air Aviation, we can get you connected to extremely professional, skilled pilots who can get you into the areas you need so you can get the perfect helicopter photography shots. Helicopters provide image quality and stable imaging equipment as opposed to other means of getting aerial shots. They do not need batteries like drones do so they won’t require delays. They are also a better method when longer distances are required as UAVs can only be used for short trips.

For high-speed shots, a helicopter can be maneuver more easily to produce a better image. They also have great capability to fly over water, mountains, deserts, and travel long distances to get to these places. Helicopters can also be used in action movies to be part of the film. So, if you need film of a helicopter for a movie, we can connect you to these services, also.

Many stunt and action sequences in films utilize the dynamic nature of seeing a helicopter on film. Also, Flex Air Aviation can find helicopter services for things like moving crew and gear back and forth to on-site film locations. And, they make invaluable in the entertainment industry as a method of transport that is fast and discreet for celebrities, directors, VIPs, etc.

The High Quality Equipment We Utilize Matters

At Flex Air Aviation, we also connect you to sources with HD cameras and high tech imaging equipment for your Aerial Cinematography. While every service is different, many of our affiliates offer a wide range of equipment including Tyler mini mounts, Webcams, Cineflex, and Libra mounts. Some may also employ thermal camera systems. You can trust that with us you are receiving access to the best equipment out there as well as the top of the line aerial filming and photography service.

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The Entertainment Industry's Aerial Imagery Solution

Aerial Filming and Photography

Flex Air Aviation’s aerial filming and photography solutions are your premier resource for aerial production and the procurement of imagery for the motion picture and entertainment industry. With the cumulative years and experience provided by our affiliates, we are able to ensure you capture the most stunning and prolific images every time you fly with us! You may be wondering how it’s possible for us to make such a claim? If you take a minute to peruse this page, we’re certain you’ll be convinced you have chosen the right service provider to accommodate your interests.

Not only do we provide the most experienced personnel, from the FAA certified pilots to the aerial cinematographer to our customer service liaisons, all of your requisites will be met with a professionalism that exceeds the norm. Our pilots have years of experience in the field of aerial image production, but they additionally have the capability to maneuver the aircraft to make the perfect shot possible. Regardless of if you need a simple POV/subjective camera shot for the production of a press release or if your project necessitates the acquisition of a series of images to utilize for editing a particular sequence; our pilot and aerial production crew add a touch of visionary expertise that is unparalleled in the attainment of aerial photography.

In the past, the art of obtaining images from fixed wing aircraft has posed a problem as fixed wing aircraft have issues with not only limited maneuverability but also the ability to frame subjects proficiently and avoid blurred images. Furthermore, our helicopters make possible image capturing by employing the use of a variety of image producing equipment. Be it ball mounts with the application of gyro stabilization, door mounts, fixed nose mounts, or periscope image production, we can broker an opportunity for you to achieve it.

Aerial Filming and Photography

With particular respect to UAV image production, we have access to affiliates that have multitudes of options available to help you produce breathtaking shots from the most difficult to ascertain locations at a fraction of the cost of a traditional helicopter. Furthermore, we have experience in producing imagery utilizing the most impressive lens values, UHD, HD, 8K, 6k, you name it, we have access to it. We also have a wide diversification of the type of UAVs we can present to you, 6 blade UAVs or 8 blades, plus much more.

Point is, if you happen to need aerial production solutions via UAVs/Helicopters, we can make the acquisition of the imagery you are requiring safe, competent and dazzling. We have worked alongside film production crews and directors to ascertain the following: feature film production stills and imagery, wildlife stills for documentaries, music video stills or photographs used in cover art, television production photos, beauty shots, and the list goes on.

Despite the variety and expertise we have available for you to make use of, it's all just semantics until you see it put into effect. All you need to do to get started is to give us a call. Dependent upon the particular size and scope of the shot or production you need, in conjunction with the specifics with regard to the shoot location, will be the determining factor in precisely what alternatives we have at our discretion. Our personal account managers are adept at brokering the perfect opportunity to demonstrate why we will be your number one choice for aerial photography today and for all your endeavors in the future as well.

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