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Helicopter Emergency Services for Relief Support

Emergencies such as natural disasters, fires, road accidents, etc. can happen when you least expect it. The most efficient way to reach areas designated as being affected is with helicopter support via Helicopter Emergency Services. When there is increased strain on government emergency response services, NGOs turn to services such as these. Helicopter Emergency Services we can provide access to include: medical helicopters like life flight or air ambulance, firefighting helicopters, and rehabilitation and recovery aerial relief support. We can also make certain that the aircraft is made available in the shortest time possible to avoid delays in reaching affected areas.

Professionally Trained Helicopter Emergency Services Relief Support

Our affiliates employ professional and experienced operations managers who understand exactly how to handle chartered flights during emergencies. Their Helicopter Emergency Services relief response teams are quickly dispatched to affected regions across the US, and their job is to ensure that medical helicopter and other aerial support flights run smoothly. Whether they are tasked with lifesaving equipment delivery, rendering aid, emergency food delivery, or evacuation, they are sufficiently equipped to handle the situation. A fleet of aircraft in various sizes ensures that the diversity in needs for emergency response runs smoothly and swiftly. With years of experience in the industry, there is no job too large for our agents to arrange and our affiliated teams to manage.

  • Time Sensitive Evacuations

  • Repatriations and Relocation

  • Humanitarian Aid and Relief

  • Search and Rescue Operations

  • Medical Transportation

  • Ongoing Relief Logistics

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Large Scale Evacuation Assistance

We have access to a number of medical helicopters and rapid response aircraft that remain on standby. Our partner’s team of professionals have experience dealing with emergency situations, and providing the right equipment to handle them with ease. Operational managers can help plan and execute the smooth evacuation of people from affected areas or soon to be impacted areas. They can carry out the evacuation effectively by utilizing a vast network of Helicopter Emergency Services. Once the situation has been resolved, they can help repatriate people.

Helicopter Emergency Services

Other Helicopter Emergency Services

Helicopter Emergency Services -  for the sick and injured

Medical Transport of Sick & Injured People

Our partners employ professionals who possess the experience and have knowledge of the equipment to carry out medical helicopter transportation of those involved in accidents or individuals who are ill. Our network of Helicopter Emergency Services affiliates ensure that regardless of where the patients are located, we can arrange for an aircraft near them to dispatch almost immediately. Emergency professionals on the ground will determine the best and nearest hospital to which they can be transported. Our partners have helped car accident victims, victims of domestic accidents, and those with sudden or life-threatening illnesses to reach hospitals or medical facilities.

Helicopter Emergency Services - for search and rescue

Search & Rescue Operations

Flex Air Aviation’s affiliated vendors provide state of the art search and rescue operation services. A fleet of Helicopter Emergency Services medical helicopters can help people search for their loved ones, or can provide valuable assistance to authorities in the search for missing persons. Over the years, these vendors have assisted law enforcement officials, private entities, and individuals in search and rescue operations throughout the country. The team of pilots responsible for flying these missions have numerous of hours of experience flying rescue missions and are generally familiar with the areas they are tasked with operating in!

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