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Utilizing Helicopters for Your Crops is the Smart Thing to Do

Crop preparation can be very time consuming. Especially when mother nature throws the unexpected at you and ruins your harvest. Thankfully, Flex Air Aviation has access to several great solutions available to solve these unfortunate events. With our vast network of helicopter agriculture providers and their full fleet of helicopters geared up and ready to go, they will fly to your aid with pest, frost and over watering solutions!

Aerial Agriculture is the process of providing agricultural assistance via helicopter or airplane. Many people would consider only crop dusting as the key form of helicopter or aerial agriculture, but this service goes far beyond that. From pesticide spraying, to frost prevention and topdressing, this service can be more than valuable to today’s agricultural businesses. Agricultural helicopters can be used from start to finish in nearly all of your farming processes. So what stops you from calling right now?

Our partnering pilots are standing by to provide you with fast assistance for your agriculture needs that is second to none! Reserve your own exclusive helicopter service year round or on an as needed basis to keep mother nature in check. With a Flex Air Aviation partner on your farming team, we will help preserve your fields and guard your lands livelihood for years to come!

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Crop Dusting

Helicopter Crop Dusting

Apply your preferred pest protection fast with our aerial crop dusting! This high tech solution will save you oodles of time, while efficiently covering your land in a guarded layer. Why risk potentially losing your crop to pests due to a randomly missed area during a routine ground application, when you can practically guarantee coverage with Helicopter crop dusting?

Our crop dusting professionals know the struggle behind having to salvage what remains of a yearly harvest and we want to ensure that this burden is avoided! After talking with one of our Flex Air Aviation affiliates, we will aid you with discovering which crop dusting method would provide the best coverage. Whether you are growing soybeans, corn or any other foliage, our partners can deliver a quick and professional screen of pesticide that will shield your crops. This amazing ability is possible thanks to the helicopter’s downblast from their rotary wing.

Nothing is more devastating than watching pests utterly destroy an entire harvest, and with the seasons warming up every year, these pests are set to only multiply faster. This year, stay ahead of the curve by quickly servicing your farm with the use of helicopter aerial agricultural services! These birds can be serviced from the outskirts of your land or a nearby airport if preferred. By designating a specific landing area, refueling can be achieved swiftly while also increasing the productivity rate.

Over or Under Watered Fields

Mother nature can be very cruel. One week the land can be bone dry on the verge of a drought and the next it will be flooded. These extremes can wreck havoc on your fertile plants. Preventing this behavior from the ground can be impossible without the latest top of the line equipment at your disposal. Or you can save money by enlisting the help of helicopter agriculture professionals for your lands watering and drying needs.

All of the pilot’s partnering with Flex Air Aviation have years of experience in making sure that your crops are in the best hands possible. They will make sure that every inch of your fields are in the condition that should be. Don’t hesitate to shoot us a call and ask our team members what Flex Air Aviation can do for your agriculture needs!

Helicopter Aerial Agriculture

Frost Protection

From late autumn to mid-spring, temperatures can drop quickly and unexpectedly. Help your crops prosper by shielding them from damaging frosts with a helicopter agriculture downwash! This protection method can save you thousands of dollars in crop damage thanks to the effective counteracting defrosting provided with each fly over. During the winter months and early spring season, frost can be unpredictable and dangerous to your crops. Don’t let frost cost you thousands of dollars in crop damage! Protect your crops from unexpected freezes by reserving a helicopter through Flex Air Aviation. A helicopter, with its rotor down wash, can be effective in counteracting destructive frost.

 Helicopter Aerial Agriculture

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