Take Your Business to The Sky by Calling 1-800-615-9754


Take Your Business to The Sky by Calling 1-800-615-9754

Flex Air Aviation’s Chartered Aircraft for All Types of Surveying

Helicopter aerial surveying or aerial mapping, is often used in the construction as well as oil and gas industry to triangulate or identify specific points on the ground. However, while there are various methods and there are different types of surveying most of them will eventually require a bird’s eye view of the location. Depending on the kind of equipment, the distance that needs to be covered and the type of terrain a land surveyor or a company may require a helicopter to view it. At Flex Air Aviation, we can provide your business with access to the right type of Aerial Surveying Helicopter, depending on what you need. We can also help carry equipment to the designated location which cuts the time it would otherwise take for it to reach.

Charter a Helicopter for Your Surveying Project

Flex Air Aviation makes it very easy for businesses in the construction or oil & gas industry to charter Helicopter Aerial Surveying for areas of any size. Businesses can also book a helicopter flight at regular intervals that way the aircraft will be on standby at the designated time and location. We can also help businesses determine the right size and type of helicopter that will work best for them. That being said, as aviation experts we are aware of the fact that all helicopters are different in terms of their fuel capacity, speed and altitude capabilities.

Flex Air Aviation currently has access to a fleet of various types of helicopters through our ever growing affiliate network. Not only are their helicopters to be used to transport equipment and personnel but they can also fly round trips and hover which make it easy for surveyors to inspect the areas they are most interested in. Even if you’re not sure about the type of Aerial Surveying Helicopter that will work best for your business, we can help you choose the right one. In addition, you can also book a helicopter charter to fly scheduled flights each week or daily which ensures that an aircraft is always fueled and ready to go.

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Popular Types of Helicopter Aerial Surveying

Helicopter Aerial Surveying - Wildlife Surveys

Wildlife Surveys

For taking measurements of naturally recurring population growth, migration patterns as well as birth rates and gender dispersion Wildlife Surveys are key. When taking a helicopter aerial survey of a forest, for example, the best views of wildlife population are achieved. But Wildlife Surveys aren’t only for land based animals. If you are looking for tracking and graphs for manatee migration or to track the dispersion of tagged whales over the pacific, we can also take aerial surveys over the Ocean as well.

Helicopter Aerial Surveying - Geographic Surveys

Geographic Surveys

Geographic Surveys entail not only aerial mapping, but also taking measurements and graphs of geographical areas. Not only can this be used to further knowledge for seismology, geology, but also land maintenance as well. Sometimes helicopter aerial surveying for geographical purposes are taken to assess damage of forest fires, or to map out the way a stream of water might have eroded the topsoil in a particular area. Government agencies may also use these to monitor state protected areas such as forests and mountain areas.

Helicopter Aerial Surveying - Construction Surveys

Construction Surveys

Construction surveys are used for many things. When a building company or construction company is in need of aerial mapping of a build site, they schedule a helicopter aerial survey of the area. With thermal cameras, UAV technology and the best and most advanced graphing software in the business, taking a look at your progress or mapping the area prior to breaking ground is easier than ever with these surveys. Unlike the traditional way, using construction staking and a ground surveyer, aerial surveys are done with the best view of the entire area and digital staking which makes visualization and design simpler. By using a mix of helicopter viewability and the utilization of geographic data produced by aerial mapping, companies, builders and even yourself can benefit from construction surveys.

Helicopter Aerial Surveying - Agricultural Surveys

Agricultural Surveys

Agricultural Surveys are those set out to assist farmers, produce companies and many other agri-environmental groups in determining growth, death, yield, and farmland management. By developing high resolution thermal as well as simple images via helicopter and other available tools, cooperatives, agricultural service providers and growers themselves can see for themselves how their production will go and what to change to make it grow further. These surveys are used more often, on farmland however, and this field is growing. With the capability to to view an entire farm or field, determine over watering or fertilization success and see if there are any mechanical issues with farming equipment, it’s no wonder Agricultural Surveys are growing in popularity. These and many more processes take much longer when on the ground, but they are imperative for successful crop yield.

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