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Chartered Freight Services for Businesses & Individuals

Need to send equipment, vehicles, replacement parts or heavy machinery in a hurry? chartered Helicopter Air Freight services can ensure that businesses and individuals get their freight to the proper destination, both on time and intact.

So what is freight and how do you know freight shipment would be better than conventional shipment?

If you are looking to ship large items or bulk items, these would be considered freight shipments. If you are looking to send off a letter, then regular shipments would be better for you.

Why Air Cargo Shipment?

When it comes to choosing the right method by which to send your products or large item, consider how large the item is and how long it may take to arrive at the location you need it to. Often, shipping via air freight is the simplest form, as any of our affiliate helicopter providers can come directly to the area needing the shipment to be loaded, connect your shipment to their cargo hook, and fly it directly to the delivery site. This is the most straightforward way to ship especially for items weighing more than 1000 lbs.

Helicopter Air Freight

Why Flex Air Aviation?

Our affiliate team of logistics experts have years of experience in the freight forwarding industry and their fleet of over sized Transport Helicopters can ensure that no freight is too large. Plus, our network of Helicopter Air Freight service providers across the globe means that there is no destination in the world where your freight cannot be transported. Unlike other services, Flex Air Aviation understands what you need and delivers a solution that’s right for you. Our professional team members are available 7 days a week.

Have Your Air Cargo Loaded & Transported ASAP

We know that one of the reasons you are opting for chartering a transport helicopter is because time is of the essence. We ensure that your freight and time are both top priorities. Our experienced account managers will brief you on how long it will take for your air cargo to be processed, and to reach its final destination. We then pull out all the stops to ensure that your freight is processed and loaded on the next available transport helicopter, right away. Our state of the art logistics tracking system and designated account managers will keep you up to date on the status of your delivery, so you know exactly where your precious cargo is at any given moment!

Do you need dangerous or hazardous cargo transported? You’re in luck…we’ll take care of that, too! Flex Air Aviation can schedule helicopter air freight shipments of chemicals or any other type of dangerous cargo to any part of the world. We can also advise you on safety measures that need to be taken in accordance with aviation laws, both domestically and internationally, so you experience very little delay if any when it comes to getting your freight to its destination.

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We Extend Our Freight Services to Airlines

Our goal is to deliver your air cargo to any part of the world, in the shortest amount of time possible. helicopter air freight services are available to airlines that require additional aircraft, in the event that they cannot handle the size of the load. Our global network of operators can assist airlines with their excessive cargo across the world. The renewed commitment of our team is to provide excellent services to airlines of all types and sizes. Whether it is a short-term requirement or a long-term commitment, Flex Air Aviation is always willing to work with airlines, and their clients, precious freight to ensure that it is delivered on time.

How Much does Air Freight Cost?

Competing services have raised the prices of their freight services, in turn, causing the bottom-line of many businesses to take a hit. At Flex Air Aviation, we continue to provide extremely competitive rates in order to put us ahead of the competition. Pricing will vary depending on the size, type and final destination of freight that needs to be transported. Bulk pricing is also available to clients that need to send extremely large quantities of freight via helicopter as well. So let us know the details and we will build a custom shipping package especially for your needs, that’s easy on the wallet, time expenditure and one that you know you can trust to get your freight to its destination safely.

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