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Helicopter skiing, or heli skiing, is an incredible opportunity to not only live life to the fullest on an amazing adventure, but also to discover a new untouched world! By providing access to professional helicopter charters that can take you up to the highest peaks untouched by anyone else, Flex Air Aviation makes this amazing journey accessible to everyone!

Helicopter skiing has the versatility of being able to occur almost everywhere there is enough snow and an unobstructed downhill path to the ground. By taking a helicopter ski lift as opposed to a traditional lift, you gain access to remote, often unseen locations.

During your heli-ski adventure, you will have the opportunity to ride with friends or fellow skiers to an incredible pristine slope that few (if any) have ever skied before. You will be accompanied by two or more professional guides who know the area completely, who can pinpoint perfect locations, and who can help you navigate yourself back to the resort or lodge. You will be airlifted to this point, and the helicopter will either hover allowing you to safely jump out, or will land and allow you and your fellow riders to get out with your guide. Equipment is typically held in compartments outside of the craft, you will have the chance to gather everything you will need to enjoy the powder before the helicopter leaves.

Helicopter Skiing is not only the best way to have an amazing custom adventure and to see the best and most wild slopes in the world, but it is also much safer. By having a heli-ski option, most ski resorts have a better chance of locating those skiers who may go stray. So rest easy, you are in great hands with our partners.

Ski Uncharted Summits

Once you step off of the Helicopter Ski Lift onto the landing zone, be sure to take in the astonishing view and clean oxygen enriched air. This brief pause will only add to the thrilling descent as your board or skis slice through the powdered snow. While gravity is increasing your speed down the slope, the helicopter will take off without hindering the skiing or snowboarding process for you. Upon reaching ground level, however, you will wish that the helicopter was waiting to escort you back to the top!

Our Helicopter Skiing Services provide a safer alternative to the traditional ski lift. These wide open seats leave you vulnerable and exposed to the elements as you ascend the mountain. This old method of ascension can be fatal and has the potential to ruin your vacation. Why chance your safety on out-dated machinery when Heli Skiing can get you to the top in style?

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Providing Nothing but the Best

If practically having your own ski slopes and an air lift all to yourself isn’t enough, remember that our affiliate helicopter skiing services have multiple summits to choose from! Try a brand new run and powder slope during each trip. Keep in mind that heli skiing areas are carefully picked by highly trained guides, who are trying to minimize the risks associated with this exciting activity.

Their strictly regulated process gives you the opportunity to enjoy the pristine environment with a gratifying feeling of privilege and safety like never before! Take your skiing and snowboarding experience to the next level today with professional helicopter skiing services!

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Helicopter Skiing Drop Point
Heli-Skiing Helicopter
Skiing Down a Slope

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