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Never Limit Yourself to Walking Tours Again, Take a City Helicopter Tour

Planning a vacation can serve to be a difficulty when you want to make the most of the time you plan to spend in a particular location. You don’t want to waste valuable minutes standing in line, or straining your neck as you try to see above the heads of other people in front of you. We have developed our city helicopter tours option to help you avoid crowded means of transport and obstructed viewpoints. Imagine having a first class view of the landmarks and attractions you purposely made this trip to see!

Charter a Helicopter for a City Tour

Flying in a helicopter is a treat in itself. The excitement of boarding the aircraft, followed by the unmistakable sound of the rotor and the exhilaration of lift off are experiences everybody describes as unforgettable. But on top of that, you’ll have an opportunity to experience your destination from an elevated vantage point. You’ll be privy to views that display the expert organization and skill in city development when you spy the roadways and buildings splayed out before you.This viewpoint, as well as numerous other enticements further indicate to what advantage a city helicopter tour of your favorite destination can be to you.

There was a time when helicopter flight was considered a luxury. It still is, but this doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune! We work alongside a variety of different vendors who make every attempt to provide the ways and means to which each individual can achieve observing cities, landmarks and attractions from thousands of feet in the air without breaking proverbial banks. Our affiliates have helicopter tours available in an array of price points, ensuring that every person that wants to partake in a city tour has the chance to do so.

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The singular goal of our agents and our affiliates is your satisfaction and comfort.We want your sightseeing helicopter excursion to be unforgettable, and we will do everything in our power to make all of your holiday dreams come true! Starting with our partner’s impressive helicopter fleet. They use only state of the art, high tech equipment and aircraft is inspected and maintained regularly. Our affiliates take pride in their safety records.Their pilots are are certified professionals who along with their teams share one vision: to help you achieve your goals. Don’t hesitate any longer! Make the most of your next chance at a city tour from the comfort of a helicopter by adding a city helicopter tour to your to do list!

Popular Cities for Helicopter Tours

San Francisco City Helicopter Tour

San Francisco

View the Golden Gate Bridge from Above

Take in The Golden Gate Bridge on a city helicopter tour! The bridge is located in San Francisco, Marin County, California. It is about 1.7 miles long, 90 feet wide and 746 feet high. Its longest span measures 4200 feet, which made it the longest suspension bridge at the time of construction; it is currently the 9th longest suspension bridge in the world.The bridge has also appeared in many films, Movie directors love to destroy it!

New York City City Helicopter Tour

New York City

View The Big Apple Like Never Before

There is no better viewpoint of New York City than from out the window on a helicopter tour! In 1789, New York City became the first capital of the United States. Sadly, this lasted for roughly one year. The Empire State Building is so large and spreads out so far that it has its own zipcode! Also, with over 800 languages spoken by a significant portion of the population, New York City is the most linguistically diverse city in the world. One more cool fact is that 25% of the world’s gold bullion is stored in vaults under Wall Street!

Las Vegas City Helicopter Tour

Las Vegas

The Lights from The Sin City are Marvelous

The Las Vegas Strip is the brightest place on Earth when looked at from outer space. Although aliens may need to don a pair of shades when taking in the sights from above, you could actually get the experience of a lifetime when you get a peek at this city from the comfort of a city helicopter tour! Las Vegas is informally known as Hawaii’s 9th island, due to the city’s large community of Hawaiians.The Bronze lion outside of the MGM Grand Hotel weighs 50 tons, making it the largest bronze sculpture in the country. The largest sum won on the Las Vegas slots was at the Excalibur. After putting in $100, a 25 year-old software engineer won $39 million, beating the odds at the time for 1 in 16.7 million

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