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Helicopter Rides For Any Occasion!

There’s nothing like the thrill of flight, and Flex Air can hook you up with helicopter rides for your special event. Our partners have built relationships with talented pilots throughout the United States. We can assist with everything from arranging a romantic helicopter trip with your spouse to setting up special event helicopter rides for a fair, festival, or charity events.

Helicopter trips contracted with our partners typically last about five to ten minutes, and they allow riders a bird’s-eye view of their surroundings. Individuals and organizations who use our service to coordinate these rides for them often auction or sell tickets as part of a fundraising effort. The short flight times allow for a quick turnaround on rides. The rare opportunity of participating in event helicopter rides draws long lines of eager participants and lots of attention. The pilots our partners work with are always professional and ready to work around the needs of clients.

Experiences Tailored to You

One of the best reasons to rely on Flex Air is the attention to detail that our representatives pay to the needs of our clients. We’ve built solid relationships with helicopter operators throughout the country, and we’re ready to leverage our knowledge and network to help you set up helicopter rides that are ideally suited to your situation or event.

Maybe you’d like to host a couples’ fundraiser for your church on Valentine’s Day? There are plenty of smaller helicopters appropriate for creating an intimate and romantic environment. The Schweizer-300 is designed to hold two passengers comfortably and has been operating in various capacities for over a half century. Then there are the Falcon F-28F and Shark 280FX, spacious helicopters designed primarily for recreational use, and able to hold several people quite comfortably. They’re known for their ability to deliver especially smooth flights, making them a great choice for romantic outings.

The availability of helicopters depends on your location, but our representatives will work hard to organize a helicopter ride for you that you’ll love.

Helicopter Rides

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Helicopter Rides Offer High Versatility

Helicopter Rides

There’s a reason why helicopter rides are a staple of fairs and festivals. Smaller in size than planes, they provide a more intimate experience. Instead of being packed in side-by-side with a number of strangers, guests can have an intimate experience with their friends or family. The maneuverability of helicopters means you’ll use less space to take off and land, an important consideration when extensive land area is not available. Helicopter flights offer decent prices for short duration trips.

But riding in a helicopter can be more than just an attraction for a special event. Since helicopters fly nearer to the ground than planes, you’ll get a closer view of the world below. Passengers still get the thrill of seeing the world from up high without people being reduced to the size of ants and buildings slipping out of focus. This makes flights in a helicopter an ideal match for photographers to snap some shots for their portfolio. Modern helicopters are stable enough to facilitate videography as well. Whether you want to shoot advertising material for your car dealership, promote an upcoming event at the local fairgrounds, or produce a short documentary on your hometown, a helicopter ride can get you the material you need without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Beyond recreational and creative needs, helicopters are used frequently by various industries. Surveying expansive work-sites is a lot easier when you can simply scan your territory from on high, and helicopters have a distinct value in agricultural industries for much the same reason.

Facilitating Your Helicopter Rides

Arranging a helicopter ride for your personal use or as an attraction at an upcoming event is easier than you think. Flex Air makes it their business to connect individuals and organizations with professional pilots, and we’ve worked diligently to establish a network of trustworthy affiliates. When you call us, you can rest easy knowing that our representatives will take your needs to heart and help find the provider that’s right for you.

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