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From Obscure to Iconic, Landmark Tours Always Impress

Helicopter Landmark Tours give passengers the opportunity to see popular sights from the comfort of a climate controlled cabin and the best aerial view!

Mother Nature has created many breathtaking sights that are well worth visiting. Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon or the Rocky Mountains are just a few examples on a long list of sights you simply have to see. But unfortunately, Mother Nature has not always made it easy for us to see her handiwork in action. Some of the most beautiful landmarks in nature are not easily accessible, either because of their location, or because they are so popular with tourists that it’s impossible to see them for the sheer number of people blocking the view. Helicopter Landmark Tours are here to change your perspective on this.

Not only is having your view obstructed by crowds of people frustrating, so is not being comfortable because you are surrounded by so many people. With a helicopter tour provided by our professional affiliates, you will have the option of seeing not only natural landmarks but man made and historic ones as well. You will no longer have to dread the crowd of people standing in front of you, here in the sky, you and your guests will have the ability to take in these popular sights from a comfortable helicopter cabin. It’s no wonder aerial sightseeing is on the rise when it comes to experiencing the best your city has to offer!

Helicopter Landmark Tours are Comfortable and Exciting

At Flex Air Aviation we take into consideration that there are people who are unable to take long hikes or stand in line for hours to see a natural landmark. Others might not have enough time or simply don’t want to crane their necks while trying to see above the heads of tourists. We have created an easy helicopter landmark tour reservation process for you to finally see these natural or historic landmarks with the sole aim to make every incredible sight accessible to everybody! We believe everyone has a right to view the Rocky Mountains, even if they’re unable to climb them themselves. We want you to have the time of your life on your next holiday, regardless of where you wish to go, which is why we partnered with Helicopter Tour operators all over the country who offer popular aerial sightseeing packages at prices that fit every budget.

From the Statue of Liberty to the Grand Canyon and everywhere in between, we provide an easy outlet for you to not only have everything planned for you, but also to give you a personalized experience you will have to see to believe.

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Each Flight is Customizable to What You Want to See

If you choose to charter a Helicopter Landmark Tour for your next outing, you’ll get the exhilaration of flying in a helicopter, along with the unique views of your chosen landmark that you wouldn’t be able to experience any other way! Imagine hovering above the Grand Canyon, or slowly sinking to the level of the Horseshoe Falls! Choose us and you’ll experience wonders and create memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life!

Have a special landmark you would like to see? Or just want to surprise a loved one with an aerial sightseeing tour of the city they grew up in?

No request is too strange for us; we aim to make all of your holiday dreams come true. Schedule a helicopter tour through us and let us sweep you off your feet! Don’t go for the next best thing, don’t settle for seeing the backs of people’s heads instead of the Old Faithful geyser! See how you can make the most of your next trip by chartering a helicopter landmark tour with us!

Popular Landmarks to see from your helicopter landmark tour

Helicopter Landmark Tour at the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park, in Arizona, is home to much of the immense Grand Canyon, with its layered bands of red rock revealing millions of years of geological history. Viewpoints include Mather Point, Yavapai Observation Station and architect Mary Colter’s Lookout Studio and her Desert View Watchtower. Lipan Point, with wide views of the canyon and Colorado River, is a popular, especially at sunrise and sunset. See this and more when you reserve a Helicopter Landmark Tour!

Helicopter Tours over Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii

Take a Helicopter Tour over sights like Pearl Harbor, Honolulu Harbor, Hanauma Bay and the Halona Blowhole. Sit back and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Big Island of Oahu! Fly over the Volcanoes and admire the embers of the active Kilauea Volcano or the Akatsuka Gardens. From a comfortable helicopter seat, you get a 360 degree view of these beautiful islands like no other. This is a tour you do not want to miss out on!

New York City Aerial Sight Seeing

New York City

The best way to experience the world renowned skyline of New York, jump aboard and soar high above the skyscrapers for an aerial sightseeing tour of the entire city. This thrilling adventure lets you come face-to-face with iconic landmarks, statues, and sprawling parks. Depart from Manhattan’s Downtown Heliport near the southern tip of the island, and climb out over the Hudson River. You will be in awe at the 360-degree views of the Statue of Liberty and neighboring Ellis Island before circling round over the Financial District. Snap some incredible photos of the poignant 9/11 site, and the majestic new skyscraper, 1 World Trade Center.

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