The Most Requested Destinations for Helicopter Tours
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The Most Requested Destinations for Helicopter Tours

From Secluded Destinations to By City Lights

Helicopter tours and rides can give you a view of any major city that you will not get standing in line on the ground. New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mount Rushmore…. They are just a few items on a long list of sights you simply must see. But the popularity of these locations is exactly the feature that makes them the most unpleasant as well: they draw large crowds of tourists to themselves, which usually means standing in line for hours, not seeing anything properly because of many people standing in front of you, and so on. These cities and their sights are amazing and we don’t want you to miss them just because you don’t like big crowds. We have the perfect solution for you to beat the crowds and make the most of your stay in these popular destinations: popular destination helicopter tours.

By taking a helicopter tour of these places, you can break away from the herd and and fly over the crowds to see the city like you never had before! The amazing thing about aerial sightseeing is that it can take a typical view from the ground and virtually enhance the image to make it much more dynamic. Don’t wait in line or stand behind dozens of people to maybe get a peek at a popular landmark in a big city, take the best seat in the house for your own! Our affiliate pilot’s know their cities, and no one can give a more in-depth tour of the area than those that see it from above everyday!

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Aerial Sightseeing: Views that Take Your Breath Away

Take a helicopter tour today and rise above the lines of tourists! Rent a personal motorized lookout and watch everything from a bird’s eye view! Imagine staring into the wise eyes of Aunt Liberty, or hovering near the top of the majestic Golden Gate. It’s a sight you’ll never forget and it’s a reality if you charter a helicopter with us. Flex Air Aviation can help you to get a truly unique perspective on sights and cities and provide you with views that only a select few can enjoy. See a new face of New York City or the City of Angels, see them as a giant living map from above with popular destination helicopter tours!

Popular Destination Helicopter Tours

Fly When You Want with Flexible Scheduling Options

Our affiliate’s flexible helicopter tour packages have something for everybody. We offer access to countless aerial city tours in major tourist destinations to make your view of the city truly unique and unforgettable. Think out of the box, don’t stand in line for hours! Charter a popular destination tour and see the wonders of your chosen destination from the sky! Check out our pages for popular destinations and merge the thrill of riding in a helicopter with the conventional joys of sightseeing. Embark on a journey of a lifetime, watch the most popular cities from above and create memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

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New York City
New York
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Landmark Tours


Mother Nature has created many breathtaking sights that are well worth visiting. Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon or the Rocky Mountains are just a few examples on a long list of sights you simply have to see. But unfortunately, Mother Nature has not always made it easy for us to see her handiwork in action. Some of the most beautiful landmarks of nature are not easily accessible, either because of their location, or because they are so popular with tourists that it’s impossible to see them for the sheer number of people blocking the view. Take on aerial sightseeing and see the popular landmarks of your city from a view you would never get on the ground!

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Aerial City Tours


Planning a vacation is a difficult thing when you want to make the most of your time you spend in your chosen location. You don’t want to waste your time standing in line, or straining your neck as you try to see above the heads of other people standing in front of you. We have developed aerial city tours to help you beat the crowds of tourists. Imagine having a first class view at every chosen sight of your holiday city, from the comfort of your own chartered helicopter! Going to a big vacation spot and want to beat the crowds? Let us know how we can schedule you for a popular destination tour!

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