A Haunted Aircraft History: Raz'n Hell

A Haunted Aircraft History: Razn Hell

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Atwater, California

In what appears to be a graveyard of veritable steel and reassembled aircraft, in an airfield that serves as part of Castle Air Museum, sits a formidable looking B 29 Superfortress.This particular aircraft, appropriately named Razn Hell, seems to be living up to its namesake as there happen to have been several accounts over the years to indicate that it may be haunted.

Razn Hell, as is the case with many restored aircraft from days gone by, has been resurrected through the piecing together of B 29 parts from various other aircraft, chief of which are its tail, wings, and fuselage. To date, it’s believed that there are less than 25 B 29 Superfortresses completely intact. Majority of which are housed in museums throughout the country.

Razn Hell was widely considered to be the most revolutionary of the propeller-driven heavy bombers utilized in WWII, the B-29 Superfortress was approximately 99 feet in length and could achieve speeds over 350 miles per hour. Designed by Boeing, it was typically manned by a crew of eleven and sported 4 propeller-driven engines. Impressively, it would have packed a serious punch for its time as it featured a computer controlled fire control system that could remotely direct 4 machine gun turrets. Each turret was armed with 2 .50 caliber Browning M2 machine guns. The Superfortress is the same aircraft as the infamous two used to drop atomic bombs on the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Enola Gay and Bockscar.

As early as immediately following the reconstruction of Razn Hell, strange happenings began to occur. Hatches have been reported to close and open of their own accord, prior to bulbs being installed, the plane’s landing lights have been reported to illuminate on their own, and the propellers, which are generally locked into place have slowly started to move without interference. The copilot window opens and closes mysteriously and knocking and banging about can be heard at random intervals when no one is present in the aircraft. As if these spooky occurrences weren’t enough to make your hair stand on end, an eerie shadow like figure has been reported to have been seen moving about the fuselage. People have started to affectionately refer to this spirit or aberration as “Arthur” after this name was spelled out one night on a ouija board while trying to make contact and talk of him has spread with people clamoring to visit the museum to experience an encounter with Arthur.

According to one gentleman who was working on restoration within the cockpit of the aircraft, he had asked the man working alongside him to hand him a wrench and the man did so by placing a wrench in his outstretched hand. To the workmen’s surprise when looked up a few seconds later his friend was nowhere to be seen and it was later discovered he had not been inside at the time of the man asking for the wrench because he was outside the plane smoking a cigarette literally able to be viewed from the window. Was it Arthur who had been assisting the workman in his endeavor to restore the aircraft? No one knows for sure! Further unexplained occurrences happen when all the battery and power is drained from nearby buildings.

Regardless of what is happening at Atwater’s Castle Air Museum with Razn Hell. it has the potential to literally raise the dead, it sounds like it’s worth the visit. You can find information about the museum online at by clicking on this link.