World Speed Record Broke for Piston Engine Airplane

World Speed Record Broke for Piston Engine Airplane

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A man broke the record for fastest speed on a piston engine propeller airplane. The record was set by Steve Hinton Jr. He was traveling at 554 miles per hour—the fastest anyone has gone with an airplane of that kind. The record was set in central Idaho on Saturday, September 2, 2017. The time was approximately 5:30 p.m. local time. The airport was an unidentified private airport.

During the record breaking run, Hinton took a total of four laps over the airport. The laps were over a course of close to 1.9 miles (or three kilometers). His four laps had an average speed of 531.53 miles an hour. The fastest was 554 miles per hour.

Hinton was piloting a P 51 Mustang aircraft. The aircraft has been modified greatly. Aviation Partners, Inc. helped with these modifications, which contributed greatly to the world record run over the course. The wings were modified to be more aerodynamic. Aviation Partners are a worldwide company known for Split Scimitar and Blended Winglets TM that use a greatly complicated concept—this same design was used on the P51’s wings. These changes on the surface reduce shock waves that are created from traveling at high speeds, particularly in Mach .75 and .80. (For those that are unfamiliar: Mach is the ratio speed of an aircraft vs. the speed of sound).

Because of the refinished wings, the aircraft was able to achieve higher speeds. Hinton talked about the modification to his P 51. “The airplane accelerated much faster to the high-speed realm,” Hinton said.

Joe Clark, the CEO of Aviation Partners, Inc., talked about his support for Hinton and the record attempt. “We agreed to sponsor the record attempt because we felt we could add significant value,” Clark said. “That appears to be the case.”

Clark talked about his company’s contributions on other aircraft which were applied to the P 51. “We used the same drag reduction methodology on the Mustang as we used on the Boeing Jetliners and numerous business jets to make them more efficient,” Clark said. “My sincere congratulations to Steve Hinton and his amazing crew, API’s dedicated engineers, and Bob Button the owner of Voodoo, the highly modified P 51, for this remarkable achievement.”

Aviation Partners, Inc. comes from Seattle, Washington. The company is known as a world leader in the technology of Winglet. The company has patented Performance Enhancing Blended Winglets, which are designed and have been used and certified on a number of aircraft—both for business and commercial purposes. Companies that use this technology include Boeing, Hawker, Falcon, and Gulfstream airframes.

It is estimated that approximately 8,000 aircraft currently in use have this technology. This technology also has a green effect, having saved around 7.5 billion gallons of fuel so far. The Winglets create between a five and seven percent improvement in fuel use. Worldwide, this has decreased CO2 emissions by an estimated 80 million tons. The company has other programs in development and is hoping to increase the performance of more aircraft to save more fuel and decrease emissions.

The P 51 Mustang is an American fighter plane that was first introduced in January 1942. Since then, over 15,000 of these machines have been produced. In 1984 the aircraft was retired from military service.