Military Helicopter Lands at Ballpark to Retrieve a Cell Phone

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As a result of the ready availability of technology, there are very few people who leave home without their cell phones. In truth, nothing sends people into a panic more than realizing they’ve left their phone behind at a location they may have visited. After all, the majority of us have poured our entire lives into the tiny handsets via scheduling apps, mobile bill pay and banking, gigabytes devoted to pics of friends and family and an entire phone book’s worth of contact information. So, there is really no limit to the lengths one may go to retrieve a cell phone they left lying about. Just ask the two military helicopter pilots who landed in a local ballpark so one could swing back and grab his device.

On Saturday last, at least 6 Marines had come into the town of Bar Harbor to have lunch at a local spot, the Thirsty Whale. Following lunch, one of the Marines realized he had accidentally left his phone. According to reports by local media, the server who had attended to the table of Marines heard the restaurant’s phone ring a short time after they had exited the diner. Server Jess Witherell noted the caller ID on the landline indicated the call was originating from the Hancock County Bar Harbor airport in Trenton, New Jersey. The caller asked Ms. Witherell how far the restaurant’s location was from the ballfield. She responded by asking if they were walking or driving to which the caller responded, “We’re landing a helicopter at the ball field.”

Ms. Witherell’s reply was that if they landed there, it’s roughly a 10-minute walk. The voice on the other end of the line asked if it would be possible for someone to run the phone down to the ballpark to meet up with the military helicopter? Witherell stated that they were busy but she would inquire as to whether their dishwasher was available for the task.

When he heard what was being asked of him, dishwasher Bryce Lambert jumped at the chance saying, “I got chosen to be the person to go” and so “I hopped in the car,” Lambert said.

As Lambert arrived, a pair of military helicopters, a Bell UH-1Y Venom and a Bell AH-1W Super Cobra appeared. The Venom circled the ballpark as the Cobra landed. One individual exited and Lambert handed him the cell phone. According to Lambert, the man who exited the aircraft, “…pulled the [velcro] patch off of his jacket and handed it to me,” he said he assumes the gesture was to say “thanks” for the help. Then, the military helicopters quickly retreated. The Marines are believed to stationed in New Jersey.

Landing a helicopter at the ballpark isn’t unheard of in Bar Harbor as a number of air ambulances have made a common practice of landing on the field for emergencies. The two military helicopters appeared to have done little to upend the community with the exception of one car alarm that was set off during the incident. A woman and her son playing at a park across from the ballfield were surprised and thrilled by the sight, with the young boy exclaiming, “That’s not Life Flight.” “That’s an attack helicopter, like an Apache,” he said.