Steve Sanders Skydives from Helicopter During Reception to the Delight of Guests

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There are plenty of euphemisms used to describe the act of getting married however for the expressed purpose of this publication, we are of the mind that the most apropos is in the phrase ‘taking the plunge’. This is precisely what a newly married groom did when he skydived from a helicopter to the sound of applause from guests into his wedding reception last month.

Steve Sanders, a former Navy Seal, married bride Jeanne Parsch in a beautiful ceremony scheduled for a Sunday afternoon at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, California this fall.

The bride, who was resplendent in a white dress and flowing veil and Sanders who wore his white Navy dress uniform met while skydiving 2 years prior.

The two met while attending a function in Florida. According to Parsch, “We literally landed two years ago when I went skydiving with him tandem. I landed and said ‘oh my god, I love you.’ And he said ‘I’m single,’ and we’ve been together ever since” she indicated.

Sanders further reiterated, “Jeanne and I met skydiving. I took her for a tandem almost two years ago, so we were considering us jumping into our wedding…, “ he said.

Jeanne, who was initially on board, changed her mind saying, “I bailed out!”

It was then that Steve hatched the plan to jump from the helicopter into the reception

All the guests in attendance experienced shock and awe at Steve’s bravery when he leaped from a helicopter during the cocktail hour following the ceremony. However, Jeanne did not share their enthusiasm initially upon seeing him fly from the helicopter, she said, I’m nauseous, but I’m so happy.”

She went on further to say “I’m nervous every time he skydives, but he has over 6,000 jumps. We thought it was the chance of a lifetime to be able to do this.”

Steve is currently employed as a skydiver.

This experience is reminiscent of another groom who skydived from a helicopter, the only variant was that the helicopter was piloted by the bride. The groom, professional skydiver Ciprian Marius Ivascu leaped from a helicopter flown by his professional pilot and helicopter instructor bride, Heather Howley. The feat occurred in 2013 during their reception at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in Rhinebeck, New York.

The use of helicopters to thrill and enthrall wedding guests is becoming more commonplace as well as the use of the aircraft as a means to arrive to and fly away following receptions. Numerous aircraft leasing and charter rental companies are getting in on the action offering romance and wedding packages centered around helicopter flights and the incorporation of them into the wedding itself.

There are also significant increases in brides wanting to make a grand entrance by arriving prior to the start of ceremonies in helicopters to keep up with the need to ’put on’ the most fabulous wedding ever and leave guests with something to talk about.