A New Drone Model, By GRIFF Aviation, Can Be Used by Helicopter Firms

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The aviation industry, much like other branches of technology, doesn’t stand still for a moment. The new advances in the drone sector developed by GRIFF Aviation (a Norwegian aviation technology company) are opening new doors for Unmanned Aerial Systems (or UAS, for short). Now, drones are not just expensive toys or filming tools. Thanks to increased lift capacities, they can be used in more practical ways, such as by helicopter companies specializing in security or even military affairs. These innovative advances have come along thanks to the introduction of the GRIFF 300 into the drone market.

The GRIFF 300 and its unique features

December 14th, 2016 was a memorable day for GRIFF Aviation and everyone witnessing the presentation of the GRIFF 300 – a new drone model capable of lifting an enormous payload. To be more specific, while the weight of the device itself is around 75 kg., or 165 lbs., it can lift up to 225 kg., equal to 496 lbs. If that isn’t impressive enough, the drone can stay operational for 30 to 45 minutes non-stop, depending on the payload. For such a powerful lifter, the GRIFF 300 model is quite easy to assemble, transport from place to place, and operate.

Per the experts, with such fast growing capabilities, drones could become a threat to the helicopter transport industry. However, that’s not how Leif Johan Holland, the Chief Executive Officer of GRIFF Aviation, sees the emerging situation. He argues that his company is working to support and advance helicopter companies in their operations, whatever their focus. Therefore, with the new models of heavy lifting Unmanned Aerial Systems, GRIFF Aviation is aiming to deliver value to heli firms that are in need of new ways in which to go about their business.

Some of the suggested uses of the new drone model include, but are not limited to, providing emergency services, advancing the agricultural sector by promoting precision farming, as well as monitoring the civil infrastructure. The GRIFF 300 creators are open for cooperation with government agencies, too. For example, in Norway, agencies responsible for the country’s power grid, water resources, energy and geological research of the land, could all take advantage of the new advancement in aviation technology.

To ensure maximum safety, the GRIFF Aviation team certified their invention with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Indeed, safety is the first priority for GRIFF 300 makers, since the company is aiding other businesses in important social missions. Law Enforcement, Armed Forces, Search and Rescue teams, as well as Fire Services are all prospective customers of the ambitious drone creators.

In addition, to safety, the company is concerned with the environmental impact of their new UAS model. That’s why the GRIFF 300 is equipped with the latest battery technology, and it is run on electricity (as drones generally are), making it more environmentally friendly than helicopters. Another advantage Unmanned Aerial Systems have over their larger counterparts in the aviation technology family, is the low level of noise pollution. Therefore, if heli companies start using the new drones available on the market since December 14th of last year, they will cut their level of pollution, significantly.

Some background information about GRIFF Aviation

GRIFF Aviation is a Nordic company that is moving the UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) industry forward with new innovative drone models. The company was founded in Norway by Leif Johan Holland, an aerial filming professional with 20 plus years’ experience. It started out as a project called Magic Air, with a highly qualified full-time aerial film crew, the only one of its kind in the country. Initially, the idea was to focus on the filming benefits of drones. Unmanned Aerial Systems provide unmatched flexibility and simplified creation of HD footage, even in the most inaccessible locations. However, the project grew into much more…

Mr. Holland and the crew realized that drones are excellent tools that can serve a variety of purposes, from filming to providing emergency services to land fertilization. That’s how Magic Air was transformed into GRIFF Aviation and got a new focus. Creation of highly reliable Unmanned Aerial Systems to cater to the most demanding professional markets, such as Law Enforcement or Search and Rescue.

The new name, GRIFF Aviation, comes from the word “griffin.” This mythical birdlike creature combines features of a lion and an eagle. Since ancient times, it has signified power, protection and vigilance. That’s what the company aims to provide in each new drone model. A vigilant device that enables it to peruse a broad area, persevering to complete its purpose, even under the roughest of conditions.

Not only are the three models of drones released by GRIFF Aviation to this day tough and reliable, but they also boast an enormous lifting capability, unrivaled in their sector. Impressive payload makes the devices very practical for use by the most demanding of customers and industries.

Future UAS Innovations from GRIFF Aviation

Having closed the 2 year GRIFF 300 project, the Norwegian aviation technology company is bracing for the next journey. They are currently engaged in developing the GRIFF 800 with even more lift capacity than its predecessor. Since the demands of aviation markets are not expected to decrease anytime soon, the firm is not planning to stop either. In a few years, we can expect some news about the groundbreaking drone with payload weight of around 800 kg. The higher lifting capacities Unmanned Aerial Systems have, the more helicopter companies will take advantage of this new environment friendly way of delivering important goods. Seems like with drones able to participate in heavy load missions, the aviation industry is about to become much more dynamic, secure and reliable.

However, when it comes to passenger transport, helicopters are still the safest, most flexible option available to businesses so far. Therefore, if your company needs a charter (either for extra heavy cargo or for extra busy people), your best option is hiring one from Flex Air. This aviation company has years of experience in providing reliable charter services, as well as offering helicopter lift services, drone pilot training or general pilot licensing, both for private and commercial use.

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